Values, Vision and Mission
Values, Vision and Mission
The vision and mission to which Sisal subscribes guide its ethical and business conduct and relations with main stakeholders, particularly the institutions, the consumers and the associates.


"Making people’s lives easier and more enjoyable"
Sisal since its beginning in 1946 has alwalys placed people at the heart of its activities.
Sisal's Vision describes the Company's dynamic spirits, constantly committed to ensure Consumers undertake daily activities in a pleasant, safe and timely manner.
Sisal's main objective is to enhance Consumers' leisure time.



"To provide the best offering of gaming, entertainment and services, responsibly and sustainably over time"
Sisal is committed to provide an innovative range of high quality of offer throught a pleasant consumer experience wich can be enjoyed troughout the retail network, widely distributed troughout Italy as well as online.
Sisal's Mission combines its vast range of gaming and entertainment products with efficient payment services in increasingly pleasant and secure environments.



A company wich aims to be a leader in Social Responsibility must be guided by strong values and grounded in ethics.

Sisal’s values are:

  • We play as a team: we all do our utmost to achieve our goals together
  • We respect and care for our consumers: our consumers’ satisfaction and trust are our best reward
  • We believe in people and their diversity: the value of people and the richness of diversity are our winning combination
  • We are responsible and excellent: we aim to achieve excellence in a sustainable and responsible way
  • We innovate to grow: we are constantly committed to innovation and growth. A Group that believes in the value of research invests in its future.
Serving Italians in their free time for 70 years
We began life in 1946, when we invented the Schedina play slip, and since then we’ve continued to innovate the world of gaming and payment services.
Emilio Petrone
Emilio Petrone was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Sisal Group in 2008.
Organizational structure
Emilio Petrone
Emilio Petrone has a degree in economics from Salerno University and a master's degree in business administration (marketing and finance).