Corporate documents


The bylaws of Sisal Group S.p.A. define the basic characteristics of the Group and set out its main organisational and operating rules.

The current bylaws can be downloaded from Statuto_Sisal_Group


Insider information procedures

On May 23, 2014, the Board of Directors of Sisal Group S.p.A. resolved to adopt this procedure to regulate the management and processing of confidential and insider information, and the procedure for disclosing documents and information about the Company and its subsidiaries to the outside world.

The procedures are designed to ensure compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions in force from time to time on the subject of the prevention and repression of market abuse. The procedures do not cover advertising and commercial information published using different methods than those established by these procedure.



Serving Italians in their free time for 70 years
We began life in 1946, when we invented the Schedina play slip, and since then we’ve continued to innovate the world of gaming and payment services.
Emilio Petrone
Emilio Petrone was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Sisal Group in 2008.
Group Structures
Sisal Group S.p.A. holds direct and indirect equity interests in the share capital of other companies and entities.