Values of sustainability
Values of sustainability
2013 was an important year for Sisal’s Social Responsibility Programme. We defined a new Vision and new Guiding Values which, consistently with the company’s historical identity, put people and lasting sustainability at the center of our actions.
The new Charter of Values was prepared through an enterprise-wide process involving the entire company, and we launched the “VIS - Values in Sisal” programme in order to implement the reference values in practice. We believe that these values must be shared with conviction if they are to generate real world behaviours and actions by the people who work in the company.
Teamwork, care of and respect for consumers, the value of people and their diversity, research into innovation, striving for excellence and responsibility: these are the values that guide and inspire our strategies.
The new values and the new vision - “Making people’s lives easier and more enjoyable” - are in fact rooted in the history of Sisal, which right from the outset in 1946 has always strived to combine economic growth with the solid principles of Social Responsibility.  
Therefore, over the last 70 years of its history, the company has grown hand-in-hand with its commitment to acting responsibly, and since 2009 we have drawn up a structured Sustainability Programme that subscribes to the logic of creating shared value, with a view to producing both benefits for the company and for all its stakeholders. 
We are convinced that the ability to generate business results is also the product of good practice in stakeholder relations, and particularly of a constructive relationship with the institutions and with partners, a caring approach to customers, the recognition of the full value of employees, respect for the environment, and the ability to contribute constructively to the well-being of the community as a whole.
The first concern of our Sustainability Programme was the introduction of a Responsible Gaming model to protect our customers as a whole and the most vulnerable among them in particular. And in fact our international certification by European Lotteries and the World Lottery Association has been renewed at the maximum level in the Responsible Gaming area. The new certifications, first obtained in 2011, have been extended for the first time in 2014 to the entire gaming offering and represent a recognition of our rigorous and constant commitment to promoting a culture of legal, aware and balanced gaming. 
Our commitment to the community is another important aspect of Social Responsibility for Sisal. In the areas of education and culture, in 2013 we supported projects addressed to young people, with the goal of creating development and training opportunities. We also renewed our support for scientific research through the promotion of fundraising initiatives in which our point of sale network has been used by important partners, including AIRC, AriSLA, Telethon and the Umberto Veronesi Foundation.
We are also aware that today Corporate Responsibility plays an increasingly important strategic role in the growth of local communities and we are developing a programme of local initiatives to promote social innovation pathways that provide a response to citizens’ needs through new collaboration solutions between businesses and local entities.
Turning to internal stakeholders, collaborators and employees, in 2013 we continued to invest in building a working environment that offers everyone the same opportunities based on shared parameters of merit and that recognises talents and the richness of diversity, engaging with multi-functional working teams to identify and implement action plans, as is the case of the WiSe Team (Women in Sisal Experience) and the WoW Team (Working on Work).
The 2013 Social Report, the fifth edition of this document, bears witness to Sisal’s ongoing commitment to adding new value to sustainability principles. This commitment forms an integral part of the corporate strategy and regards retail development, diversification of the offering, innovation and digital presence as the main business drivers.
To accelerate this growth, in 2014 Sisal launched the stock market listing project, which it had to cancel due to unfavorable international financial market conditions. But the company has no intention of cancelling its strong determination to continue to consolidate a strategy of sustainable growth which, by combining business development and enterprise responsibility, can create shared value for all our stakeholders.
Emilio Petrone
Gruppo Sisal S.p.A. CEO
Milan, 13 January 2018
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