The new edition of GoBeyond, the call for ideas to promote the development of new Italian business ideas, is now live!

The fourth edition of the call for ideas promoted by Sisal and CVC Capital Partners has now come to an end. Restarting Italy’s economy by providing concrete support for young entrepreneurs and anyone with a project they believe in was once again the mission of the 2020 edition of the initiative. But the narrative about innovation and entrepreneurship carries on in the magazine section of the contest’s official platform and the Content Hub will continue to be populated with content on an ongoing basis until the start of the next edition in 2021.

Over 160 startups took part in the 2020 edition of GoBeyond, divided into two categories:

  • Business resilience, or projects that aim to bolster the resilience of companies as they restart in the wake of an emergency that is having a serious impact on the country and business in general, requiring new paradigms, new social and economic models, and a reorganisation of working methods to make them smarter and more flexible.
  • Collectivity, or all projects addressed to social innovation and local communities, designed to provide support and offer a concrete solution to the problems, big and small, that have an impact on people and their everyday lives.

The deadline for entries in the fourth edition of GoBeyond was last October 31 and the winners were announced on November 27.

The winner of the title of best project overall was COP (Chi Odia Paga – Haters Pay), the first Italian legal tech startup to provide web users with all the technical and legal tools they need to simply, quickly and securely defend themselves from online hate. The idea was awarded a 50-thousand-euro grant.

The winner of the Business Resilience category is Voicemed, an app that uses digital voice analysis tools to identify the presence of illnesses, including Covid-19.  While in the Community category, first place was awarded to Sabreen, a system that enables women under the age of 40 to perform ultrasound breast screening with a specially re-engineered probe connected to a smartphone. Both startups have received a 30-thousand-euro prize and an excellence advisory programme chosen by the winner and offered with the support of a network of Enabling Partners including: Corriere Innovazione, Digital Innovation Observatories - Politecnico di Milano, Google, frog design, Roland Berger, Brunswick, K&L Gates, Aruba.it, Mamacrowd and Angels4Women.

The 2020 edition of GoBeyond rounds out the concrete support opportunities Sisal is committed to offering new Italian business ideas with three special mentions: ICAST, an idea to digitise the model casting and selection process for the fashion and creative industries, receives a mention for the best university project; Face Donate, a system that uses facial recognition, QR codes and contactless payment technology to make donations, has won a mention for best communication (video and marketing plan); and finally, Gamindo, the platform that lets people convert the time they spend playing video games into donations to no profits, wins the special Mamacrowd prize, the equity crowdfunding platform that will work with Gamindo on a campaign to raise capital through the www.mamacrowd.com web portal. 


Previous editions


The first three editions of GoBeyond attracted over 400 ideas from across Italy. The winner of the first call for ideas was dbGlove, a project to improve the lives of the blind and deafblind. The second was won by Wiseair, the smart vase that acts as a distributed, hyperlocal and real time air quality monitor (Social Innovation category), and Plick, the easy-to-use payment system with no IBAN, no app and no limits (Citizen Services category).
In the third edition, which was brought to a close last December, the winners were Corax, a medical device to help deal with complications from burns in children (Social category), and BionIT labs-Adam’s Hand, the first fully adaptive bionic hand (People category). In addition to its success in GoBeyond, BionIT labs-Adam’s Hand has also achieved other significant results, including a positive equity crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd and its participation in CES in Las Vegas as one of the top 50 Italian startups at the world’s most influential new product and technology trade show.
The Enabling Partners chosen by the winners for their advisory programme were legal firm K&L Gates for Adam’s Hand and frog Design for Corax. 

Read about their experiences in the  success stories section of gobeyond.info.

Stay tuned for the new fifth edition: continuous innovation, because the future is a blank slate!


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