June 12 saw the launch of the new edition of GoBeyond, the call for ideas devised and promoted by Sisalpay, the Sisal Group Payment services brand.

The initiative has the aim of encouraging the development of new Italian enterprise ideas, with a view to facilitating the transformation of a vision into a real business project, for the benefit of Italy as a whole and all its people.


On the dedicated website www.gobeyond.info, all the necessary information about the project: how to apply and the selection process, timing for proposals, grants, and support envisaged for the winning ideas, information about the top partners involved, and much more.


dbGLOVE project is the winner of the first edition of the initiative, a wearable device that uses various existing touch-based alphabets, like Molossi and Braille, to allow the blind and deaf-blind to use all the functions provided by mobile devices, to communicate with others, and to interact with the world. 

On the other hand, in its second edition GoBeyond saw as winners:

  • For the Social Innovation category = Wiseair, the smart vessel for widespread monitoring, hyper-locally and in real time, of air quality.
  • For the category Services to Citizen = Plick, simple payment without Iban, without an app and without limits.
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation is the process of rapid change triggered at economic and social level by the spread of digital technologies. Automation, dematerialisation, virtualisation, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and mobile communication are the big trends that are changing people’s lives and their relationship with products and services in both the public and private sectors.
Payment Services
The strategy of diversifying into the payment services industry began in 2003 with mobile phone top-ups.
Open Innovation

Today’s payment services sector, where we operate under the SisalPay brand alongside our traditional gaming business, is going through a period of radical legislative change and great technological ferment.