September 2018

“Which Art in Italy”. The presentation staged in the Sisal Art Place of the scenario study commissioned by Sisal Group from leading market researcher Ipsos

Ipsos Group Director Andrea Alemanno presents the results of the scenario study “Which Art in Italy”, with an introduction by Sisal Group Market Intelligence Manager Stefano De Vita. The project undertaken by the Group, Principal Partner of Manifesta 12, got underway with a methodological approach that analysed the data generated by the survey, commissioned from market research institute Ipsos, to determine the state of Contemporary Art.
June 2018

Sisal sets Guinness World Record

During the “Sisal Summer Party” team-building event organised by Sisal Group, the company’s employees broke a Guinness World Record with the longest continuous line of inflatable mattresses in the world. The spectacular and entertaining challenge entailed assembling a line of mattresses over 215 meters long, inside a swimming pool, in order to form the word “Sisal”. Special guest: Andrea Lucchetta.
June 2018

Sisal Art Place

In full agreement with the spirit of Manifesta 12, for which Sisal is Principal Partner, the Group has devised and implemented “Sisal Art Place”: a concept set in the center of Palermo in the magnificent Palazzo Drago, which has been reopened for the occasion and acts as a point of contact and continuity between classic and contemporary art. Sisal Art Place will play host to the exhibition of auteur videos “Sguardi”, curated by gallery owner Francesco Pantaleone and Mario Giorno, Honorary President and manager of the Careof Historical Archive.
October 2017

EY Capri Digital Summit

At the EY Capri Digital Summit, the annual event organised by Ernst Young, Sisal CEO Emilio Petrone sat on the panel “Payments: money and information”, moderated by EY Partner Mastropietro. During his presentation, he stressed the contribution made by Sisal to developing the convenience channel in Italy, which is now used habitually by Italians and is driving an increase in the use of e-money in Italy.
June 2017

Digital Payment Summit

Sisal Group CEO Emilio Petrone took part in the Digital & Payment Summit, sitting on the panel to discuss “70 years of blackouts: the starting point for Italy and how to close the digital gap”. During his presentation, Petrone described the Group’s commitment to the digitalisation of Italy.