Committed to the community

Committed to the community

Since 2009, our commitment to social sustainability has been set out in our long-term Community Programme, a key element of which includes the planning and implementation of projects in collaboration with qualified partners.

Sisal is a company born 75 years ago from the determination of three journalists to provide leisure to a population devastated by the war, with the hope of nurturing strong bonds between individuals and contributing to the country's recovery.
For this reason, we remain committed at the heart of our enterprise to encouraging constant dialogue with the community, by supporting and promoting innovation,  sharing, and social integration.

These are the values that have guided and still guide our commitment to local communities today and which are perfectly aligned with the goal of generating widespread well-being for all stakeholders, thus ensuring long-term sustainable growth.

Since 2018, our community investment strategy has evolved from a simple partnership-based approach towards an active commitment as a leading figure, fulfilling the needs of the society through individual projects which can be replicated all over the country.

In 2019, beginning with our new community investment approach, we defined the new model that focuses on Sisal's strong bond with the world of sport and the constant commitment to support innovation and to promote young talents.
The new model is divided into three action areas, for each of which specific projects and initiatives have been developed:

  • Sport: projects to support sports organisations or initiatives to communicate ethical sports values;
  • Innovation and talent: projects designed to promote young talents' ideas and skills, encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and creating value for the community;
  • The Social Solidarity network: contributions to support the third sector for the promotion of economic/social development and support for scientific research leveraging our vast retail network.



We offer the community real support 

We support projects for art, innovation, talent, culture, scientific research and sport.

Manifesta 12

Sisal Group is proud to be main partner of Manifesta 12, a long-term project to promote the value of contemporary art and culture in Italy, in line with the Group’s mission to support talent and innovation.

Piccolo Teatro

The central role of people and their leisure time is one of the priorities of our responsible approach: our cultural initiatives, which revolve around the world of art and the theatre, strive to promote the value of Italian art and encourage the development of young people according to values of equality, respect and socialisation.