We offer the community real support.

We support projects that promote art, innovation, talent, culture, scientific research and sport.


Responsible communication

We take great care to ensure our advertising messages are responsible. That’s why we’ve introduced guidelines for our sales campaigns and partner with the Istituto di Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria (IAP, Advertising Self-Regulatory Institute).


Our commitment to promoting responsible gaming means we are also involved in the development of assistance services for problem players.

Player awareness

We recognise the importance of consumer training and education initiatives to promote safe and balanced gaming behaviour.

Safety and security

We fight illegal gaming as one of the basic commitments in our sustainability strategy.

The importance of relations

Sisal is a company born of the determination shown by three journalists to re-establish a common purpose and strengthen a country destroyed by the war. Against this backdrop, it was decided to leverage business relations for mutual enrichment, support and growth.
Working at Sisal

Young talents

Sisal Group has always played an active role in practical training initiatives for talented young people, providing support and encouragement for students who are entering the job market through specific training courses.

Company Profile

In 1946, from the dream and the intuition of three sports journalists was born Sisal. The first Italian company to operate in the gaming industry as a Concessionaire of the State.