Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

At Sisal diversity is not only an element with which it is necessary to know how to deal, but it is above all a resource that allows us to design creative and innovative solutions that take into account the different points of view.

For us, diversity isn’t just something we have to deal with, but a resource we can use to design creative and innovative solutions that take account of different points of view

We call it 4G@Work: four generations work side-by-side today in Sisal on a daily basis, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z. In fact, generational and gender differences can represent an extraordinary opportunity for evolution and are given special consideration in our initiatives dedicated not only to individual generations but also to interfunctional teams. 


Welfare & Talents

Based on the research performed jointly with Valore D, we have analysed the living conditions of the company’s over-50 employees. The project was inspired by the results of the study: talent is ageless and a shared need is increasingly being felt to tear down over-50 stereotypes. That is the reason we have promoted an internal workshop to give them all a voice and listen to their needs.

The Welfare & Talents workshop was instrumental in putting together the first internal team of over-50 Ambassadors, who decided to offer their services as touch points for all their co-workers in the same generation.


Public Speaking 4 Millennials

A special programme for this generation that recognises that knowing how to speak in public is a complex skill, as well as being a quick and effective way to establish credibility. That is why the issues examined include, for example, body language and tuning the content and rhythm of a speech in public according to the specific context and audience; millennials who develop these skills have more chance of excelling and standing out, by developing their own personal branding technique.


Intern training

We have organised training sessions for interns on current issues in connection with digital skills, soft skills and personal branding, so that they stay active and of use in a constantly evolving employment market. 



The acronym for "Women in Sisal Experience", WiSe is the project through which we recognise the value of women’s role and their contribution to our company. Inspired by the Great Place to Work approach, the WiSe project not only satisfies equal opportunity and meritocracy-related needs, but springs from the conviction that diversity is an important factor for the company’s development and growth. 


Public Speaking 4 Millennials
Saper parlare in pubblico è una competenza complessa, ma necessaria per stabilire la propria credibilità.
Workshop Welfare&Talents
Sisal valorizza il talento senza età e la diversity generazionale con un workshop dedicato ai lavoratori over 50.
Formazione agli stagisti
Organizziamo incontri formativi dedicati agli stagisti su temi attuali che riguardano le competenze digitali