Interviews with our management and partners for those wanting more detailed information about our Company.
November 2018
Emilio Petrone, CEO Sisal Group
Led by CEO Emilio Petrone, Sisal Group has undergone a transformation, driving the development of payment services in Italy. How? By anticipating Italians’ needs based on an approach it now confirms with Bill.
October 2018
Monica Del Naja, Head of Digital Payments
SisalPay attended SMAU this year to present two important novelties: two new products that embody the innovation the brand wants to bring to new business areas. It springs from a new, strategic approach based on open innovation, in which SisalPay is investing heavily, leveraging its new digital skills and payments world expertise.
October 2018
Danilo Gallinari, Italian basketball champion.
On September 9, 2018, Danilo Gallinari officially opened the first basketball court fully refurbished as part of the We PlayGround Together project, with the support of Sisal Group. The initiative has a mission to refurbish neighbourhood basketball courts in Milan.
October 2018
The trade associations representing gaming operators at both European and world level (The European Lotteries and the World Lottery Association respectively) have the stated objective of pursuing industry development along a path of responsibility and sustainability.
October 2018
Carlo Garuccio
This area of the business is led by a former startupper who, in 2010, created an Italian carpooling platform (Avacar) before Uber and BlaBlaCar arrived on the scene.
September 2018
Valerio De Molli, Managing Partner & CEO Ambrosetti
In recent years, the issue of sustainable development has been the focus of growing attention, and the idea that sustainability is an exclusively environmental question has been superseded by an integrated vision of the various components involved.
September 2018
Cees Van Riel, Founder Reputation Institute
The context we live in today’s is permeated by a powerful drive for disintermediation which, in conjunction with the effects of “fake news” and growing polarisation facilitated by digital media, has made emotions more influential than objectivity.
July 2018
Francesco Maldari - Monica Del Naja
A startup to accelerate the process of digital transformation in Italy and create innovative products is the solution chosen by SisalPay to create a competitive new offering on the digital payments market.
June 2018
Francesco Maldari
Sisal Group plays a leading role in the creation of a cashless society. This frontline position is the result of a growth plan based on three fundamental business operations: the first, the creation over the years of a broad-based retail network with over 40 thousand points of sale spread across Italy; the second, an investment of over €30m in the network to offer users an increasingly convenient and efficient payment service; and the third, participation in PagoPa group, the system for making e-payments to the public administration.
May 2018
Marco Caccavale
Sisal testifies to the evolution of betting in Italy. And when the subject of betting comes up, the first things we think of are entertainment, social interaction and sharing emotions, but most importantly the chance of winning and changing our lives for the better. And SuperEnalotto, one of Sisal’s top products, is the most popular and successful lottery game for Italian families.