A conversation with retail network

A conversation with retail network

Sisal believes in the development of and dialogue with its retail network to effectively promote the values of sustainability and social responsibility.

The true strength of our relationship with the network lies in the ongoing conversation with retailers. This has proved to be a vital factor in listening to their needs and providing them with updates and training.

We carry on our conversation with the network through three direct channels:


1. Contact Center

A dedicated service with controlled access (for maximum confidentiality) and a network of expert operators who receive ongoing training.
  • 93.1% replies given to retailers by the Contact Center service
  • 92,2% calls resolved during the first contact
  • 99,97% vs. standard service levels (SLA, Service Level Agreement)
2. Web portal dedicated to retailers 

The preferential communication channel with the network is the Retailer Portal at www.rivenditorisisal.it, which can be accessed both on the desktop and on mobile devices. The Portal has reported constant growth over the years, with an average of over 11,500 unique hits per month in 2018. 

The platform ensures that retailers can stay connected with Sisal, even when they’re on the move, and access the services they need at any time, for example to look up product information or consult the accounting data for their own point of sale.

In addition, with the aim of consolidating and strengthening the relationship with Sisal, the Portal provides ways for retailers to ask for and receive the business and point of sale management assistance they need.

3. Terminal message 

Another direct communication tool between Sisal and retailers is the gaming terminal, which is used not only to validate bets but also to provide daily updates about product novelties, special consumer initiatives, total winnings and much more.

With the aim of ensuring maximum communication efficiency and not getting in the way of everyday work, messages are coded based on their priority, allowing retailers to rapidly identify the most important ones. 

Points of sale

Sisal operates through a distribution network consisting of over 39,000 retail points, split into two brick-and-mortar channels: Branded and Affiliated. The Sisal network offers the Sisal’s full range of gaming products and services for the public.

The Responsible Gaming Programme

The programme was introduced with the aim of building a shared model of safe and responsible gaming that focuses on the prevention of gambling problems.

2021 Sustainability Report