Lottery games

Lotteries are games of chance in which consumers choose the numbers to play in a lucky draw to determine the winners. The total amount of all bets placed forms a single jackpot that is split equally among all winners in the same prize category.

Since 1997, Sisal has been the sole Licensee of SuperEnalotto, Italy’s leading Lottery Game. Starting in 2009, Sisal has added a stream of new games to the Lottery Game category.

Today, the company has a wide-ranging portfolio of lottery games, with strong brands that resonate with consumers: the products in Sisal’s Lottery Game offering are SuperEnalotto, SiVinceTutto SuperEnalotto, Vinci per la vita – Win for Life, Eurojackpot and VinciCasa.

All Lottery Game products feature:

  • participation in the game with a combination of numbers, chosen by the Player or determined at random at the time of playing;
  • a single jackpot into which a predetermined percentage of bets is paid;
  • equal sharing of the jackpot among winning plays in the same prize category.

Lottery Game revenue is collected through both Branded and Affiliated Channels, as well as through online Retailers authorised for remote game revenue collection.

As licensee, Sisal operates in compliance with the obligations regulated by the State Monopolies Agency decree on the management of Lottery Game revenue.

In more detail, the regulations cover the breakdown of revenue across State Budget items, the terms and methods of payment, the method of payment of the fee, and the Licensee’s reporting obligations to the Monopolies Agency.

In 2011, Lottery Games were the first business area in Sisal to introduce international Responsible Gaming standards and to obtain certification from European Lotteries and the World Lottery Association.

Milan, 24 July 2019

SuperEnalotto tender

The Commission charged with making the decision has recognised that the best bid was put in by Sisal.


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Sisal was the first Italian company to operate in the gambling sector as a state concessionaire and is now present in Italy in lotteries, retail gaming and online games.

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