The importance of relationships

Sisal is a company born 75 years ago from the determination of three journalists to provide leisure to a population devastated by the war, with the hope of nurturing strong bonds between individuals and contributing to the country's recovery. This is why our relationship with the Italian public is one of the cornerstones of our company culture.

Today, our relationship with our stakeholders is still one of the hallmarks of what we stand for. Every year we embark on a process of listening and dialogue with all stakeholders to define the most important strategies, objectives and initiatives which we will invest in to bring value to all.
Our values and the relationships we maintain with all our main stakeholders are defined in our Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Stakeholder commitments 


Gaming Area
Promote and enforce the Responsible Gaming Programme, also working in synergy with the public regulator, in compliance with the highest international standards and with the certifications obtained to guarantee transparency and safety for vulnerable customers.


Spread a collaborative corporate culture based on Sisal's Values and on a good work-life balance, promote the contribution of women in the company and encourage company diversity, by establishing training paths at every level and talent development programmes.



Create opportunities for training, socialising and integration, focusing in particular on sport, education and talent, art and culture and support for scientific research by creating partnerships with respected associations in the fields of culture and scientific research.


Establish partnerships based on excellence and integrity to promote: the Responsible Gaming Programme in retail outlets; innovation of the technology infrastructure; constant training and requalification throughout the Sisal Network; the monitoring of our sales force; and support for retailers in efficient management of points of sale.


Continuous collaboration with the Italian Ministry of the Economy and Finance, the Customs and Monopolies Agency, public institutions, local authorities and professional associations to ensure the protection of players and uphold the values of security, lawfulness and transparency in the gaming industry (the fight against illegal gambling and the total ban on underage gambling).


Guarantee a corporate governance structure based on the values of integrity, transparency and responsibility, and foster clear dialogue, based on equal disclosure of information for all categories of shareholders and on complete, timely and transparent reporting.


Maintain a stable relationship with banks and the financial community, ensuring long-term financial solidity.


Establish relationships and partnerships designed to encourage innovation and value creation, promote the principles of integrity, trust and respect, and monitor and assess the quality of supplies, services and results delivered.


Through the active involvement of sector operators at national and international level, consolidate an approach based on the principles of sustainability, lawfulness, safety and security, transparency and professional ethics.
Renew our international Responsible Gaming certifications annually.

Engaging with people

We provide incentives for training programmes and individual career paths, promoting a healthy work-life balance and protecting diversity.

Dialogue with institutions

We work alongside institutions, administrations and associations to ensure safety, security, legality and transparency in the gaming industry.

Partnering with suppliers

We select the best partners based on criteria of transparency and quality, to ensure that our services are comprehensive and secure for our customers.

Connection with the retail network

We engage with the retail network on an ongoing basis with the aim of developing strategies tailored to customers’ needs and expectations.

Community support

In 2009, Sisal’s commitment to Social Sustainability produced a long-term Community plan in which a fundamental role is played by planning and the realisation of projects on a joint basis with qualified partners.

The Responsible Gaming Programme

The programme was introduced with the aim of building a shared model of safe and responsible gaming that focuses on the prevention of gambling problems.

Play safe

The fight against illegal gaming is a fundamental commitment in Sisal’s sustainability strategy.