An initiative by Sisal developed in collaboration with CVC Capital Partners, to transform innovative ideas into real-life entrepreneurial projects.

GoBeyond, Sisal's program to support the ecosystem of innovation and startups with social impact, is in its fifth edition. The 2021 edition is marked by its repeated mission to provide concrete support to young entrepreneurs and anyone who has a project they believe in.
Throughout its several editions, the programme has evolved into a genuine innovation platform for the company. This edition is enriched with new content, for example an acceleration scheme for a women’s start-up which will provide a dedicated six-month acceleration programme dedicated and developed in collaboration with Impact Hub Società Benefit with the aim of speeding up the entry of the start-up in the market and encourage female entrepreneurship.

Among the novelties of this year, starting from 2022, a digital hub will be created in collaboration with Feltrinelli Education to develop the mindset to create new sustainable and socially oriented entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs.
The concept that forms the basis of this edition was chosen in order to contribute actively to the improvement and wellbeing of the community by using state-of-the-art technologies. The entrepreneurial ideas competing for the prizes will be grouped into one of two categories.
  • “For a more sustainable future”: this group includes all ideas aimed at solving problems around society and local communities and which have a positive impact for the community at large;
  • “For a technologically advanced and digital Italy”: this category comprises projects with a highly technological background which aim at making the lives of citizens easier and contributing to making society better.
Each start-up will receive a prize totalling €40,000 and a top-standard advisory programme, provided by the partners of this edition. The network of the 5th edition features: Italian Tech, Milan Polytechnical University Digital Innovation Observatory, Google, frog design, Roland Berger, Brunswick, K&L Gates, Aruba.it, Mamacrowd, Angels4Women, SheTech and Impact Hub. 

Previous editions


The first three editions of GoBeyond received over 400 proposals, originating from all over Italy. The winners of the first call for ideas was dbGLOVE, a project aimed at improving the quality of life of blind and deaf-blind people. The winner of the second edition was Wiseair, a smart vase for distributed, hyper-local and real-time air quality monitoring (Social Innovation category), along with Plick, the simple payment service without the need for an IBAN, without the need to download a separate app and without limits (Services to Citizens category).

The winners of the third edition were Corax, a medical device designed to combat complications arising from burns in children (Social category) and BionIT labs-Adam’s Hand, the first entirely adaptive bionic hand in the world (People category). On top of the success they achieved with GoBeyond, BionIT labs-Adam’s Hand went on to accomplish further remarkable results, such as the successful equity crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd, as well as participating at the renowned Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, a world-leading technology fair, as one of the best 50 Italian start-ups.
Over 160 start-ups competed in the fourth edition. The prize for best overall project was awarded to COP (Chi Odia Paga [Haters Must Pay]), the first Italian legal tech start-up designed to provide internet users with all the technical and legal tools they need to defend themselves against online hate speech in a simple, quick and safe way.
The winner of the Business Resilience category was Voicemed, an app that uses digital tools to analyse voice samples in order to detect the presence of illnesses, among which Covid-19. The prize for the Community category was awarded to Sabreen, a system that enables women under 40 to conduct an ultrasound breast screening by means of a specially designed probe connected to a smartphone.
The enabling partners chosen for the dedicated advisory scheme were Angels4Women for Voicemed, and Google for Sabreen.

Moreover, the 2020 edition was characterised by three special mentions: the mention for the best university project was assigned to ICAST, a concept for digitalising the casting and selection process for models in fashion and in the creative industries; the mention for best communication (video and marketing plan) was awarded to Face Donate, a system that uses facial recognition, QR codes and contactless payment system to carry out donations; finally the Mamacrowd special prize was awarded to Gamindo, a platform that enables users to convert the time they spend in front of screens playing videogames into donations for charities.

Read about their experiences in the  success stories section of gobeyond.info.


Manifesta 12

Sisal Group is proud to be main partner of Manifesta 12, a long-term project to promote the value of contemporary art and culture in Italy, in line with the Group’s mission to support talent and innovation.

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Sisal has always played an active role in practical training initiatives for talented young people, providing support and encouragement for students who are entering the job market through specific training courses.