Life at Sisal

Life at Sisal

Our people are an essential part of our company. We constantly invest in their professional growth, in developing their skills, and in ensuring their wellbeing. We cultivate a culture of diversity, which is fundamental in designing creative and innovative solutions that take different points of view into account.

These are the same characteristics that have distinguished our three founders, journalists and "explorers" capable of looking to the future in an era of great uncertainty but also full of opportunities, giving new life to Italian sport and contributing to the reconstruction of sports facilities, through the Totocalcio .

This is why at Sisal we support people in achieving set goals, guiding corporate transformation through an inclusive culture oriented towards technological and human development. We constantly invest in their professional growth, the development of skills and their well-being, creating digital-oriented life-long learning and reskilling programs and processes. We are also committed to promoting talent and promoting self-learning and people's employability, as well as a correct work-life balance.

Our People Strategy is bades on tre pillars:

Performance & Career

The new Performance Management system was launched in 2021 with the aim not only of enhancing people but also of promoting a culture of continuous improvement and feedback. It is a transparent and homogeneous process that allows monitoring of the annual performance with respect to the objectives achieved and the skills put in place to achieve them.

100% of Sisal employees are involved in the Performance Management process.

In Sisal, Career Management is designed to offer all valuable people development prospects; the factors that enable a fair, transparent and structured growth path concern two dimensions: the person and the role.

The career model provides for well-detailed and communicated criteria to enable the growth of people within Sisal where role responsibilities, professional solidity and skills count.
Development paths in Sisal take place through three career paths: Professional, Advisorship, Managerial.

We manage Career Management with the aim of:

1. Create a growth-based career culture to develop key people and key skills
2. Overcoming organizational barriers and integrating the organization through horizontal, cross-business and international mobility
3. Support the development of the people who work for Sisal by ensuring the updating and development of new skills
4. Train management skills to support personal and professional development


How we involve people

How we involve people

We carry out projects dedicated to the creation and implementation of innovative and efficient work tools that constantly improve people's experience and foster engagement at all levels.

The objective is to constantly monitor the internal business climate also through understanding the positive actions (to strengthen them and evolve them into best practices) and the negative ones (to resolve them and prevent them from becoming systemic).

It is based on the evaluation from 0 to 10 provided to the question "How much would you recommend a relative, friend or acquaintance to work at Sisal?", whose votes are divided according to the following 3 categories:

  • Promoters (from 9 to 10)
  • Passives (from 7 to 8)
  • Detractors (from 0 to 6)

Both the promoters' and detractors' votes are accompanied by comments explaining the reasons for the data. The value of the NPE, expressed as a percentage, represents the difference between the value of the Promoters and that of the Detractors. We therefore found that in Sisal the former outnumber the latter by a margin of 22%.