Talking with the institutions

Talking with the institutions

We are active in the gaming markets, which is subject to state control and supervision in Italy.

In Italy, the organisation and operation of games with cash prizes is the exclusive purview of the State (Article 1 of Legislative Decree no. 496 of 14 April 1948), which grants operation licences through special tenders.

We at Sisal, like all other companies in the gaming market, operate solely through licences managed by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, the public body that regulates and controls the entire gambling and tobacco sector.


Institutional players in the gaming industry

We were the first private Italian State licensee in the gaming industry and have always engaged in open and collaborative conversation with the institutional players charged with its administration.

Our goal is the sustainable and lasting development of an industry that has gradually been regulated, starting from lottery games, with the help of private companies that have taken control of games with cash prizes out of the hands of organised crime.
Today, around 6,000 companies counting 150,000 employees are involved in the industry and the regulatory process is still continuing.

Our counterpart for the gaming industry is the Customs and Monopolies Agency which took over this role from CONI in 2002 and regulates the entire sector with 3 aims:

  1. to protect consumers
  2. to prevent illegal gambling
  3. to generate tax revenues

Maintaining a constant dialogue with the Customs and Monopolies Agency ensures that we always operate in compliance with the rules, in particular regarding responsible gaming and the prevention of problem gambling, and to ensure the economic sustainability of our licence for its full duration.

The Customs and Monopolies Agency reports to the Ministry of Economy and Finance whose duties include the regulation of the gaming industry as well as the approval of all new products by the Minister.

The transparent relationship of our Institutional Relations Department with the Ministry of Economy and Finance allows us to contribute to the balanced development of the gaming industry, protecting consumers and preventing illegal gambling.