Sisal was born out of the dreams and intuitions of three sports journalists, Massimo Della PergolaFabio Jegher and Geo Molo, who together, on September 31945, established the first Italian company to operate in the gaming sector with a government licence.

On May 5, 1946, the first Sisal Schedina or football pools coupon was played, marking the start of the football match prediction competition that came to be known as Totocalcio

Over the years, Sisal has invented a number of successful games in addition to Totocalcio, including Totip and the more recent SuperEnalotto and Win for Life.

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Incorporated in 1946, Sisal was the first Italian company to operate in the gambling sector as a government licensee and today it has a presence in lotteries, retail gaming and online games in Italy. 

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Each year Sisal publishes a consolidated annual report, which is available for consultation on the company’s website. This publication contains information about the Sisal business activities, main market and much more. 

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To build a more responsible future

Responsibility, the focus of our actions

It guides our strategy, ensuring conscious, sustainable and long-term development.

People, the heart of our company
We undertake to listen to, value and reward everyone so that they can help us achieve our Purpose.

Innovation, inspiring our company
It stimulates creativity, supports growth and development and helps generate value over time.

"To be an international leader in responsible gaming, driving digital innovation". 

"To offer the best responsible gaming experience, generating value for society and people".

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In 2016, CVC Capital Partner, one of the world’s leading private equity and investment consulting companies, acquired 100% of the share capital of Sisal.
The main change to the corporate structure was the arrival of Schumann S.p.A. as the new holding company.

For info: https://www.sisal.com/eng/news-media/press-releases/investor-relations/corporate-cvc-capital-partners-acquires-sisal-group

The corporate governance system adopted by Sisal has the main goal of creating value for shareholders, fully aware of the importance of transparency in decision-making, as well as of the need to define an effective internal control system.
For info: https://www.sisal.com/eng/governance

For info: https://www.sisal.com/eng/governance/control-system

The aim of the sustainability model introduced by Sisal is to consolidate and strengthen his position as a responsible player with close ties to people and the community, guaranteeing a balance between economic growth on one hand and social and environmental responsibility on the other.

Economic sustainability has the goal of ensuring long-term growth that creates lasting, shared value for all Stakeholders.

The main targets of social sustainability are: consumers, through a responsible gaming model that is balanced and moderate; the community, with projects developed in four areas; and its own collaborators, with a people strategy that promotes talent, diversity and the work-life balance.

The practical consequences of environmental sustainability policy are measures to reduce environmental impact. 

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Sisal works in a sensitive market and our first commitment is to promote a responsible approach to gaming that is balancedaware and based on the most advanced standards in the sector, as is periodically certified by the European Lotteries and the World Lottery Association.

Our main goals are to prohibit minors from gamblingto prevent compulsive gamblingto provide orientation for problem players, and to offer assistance to the most vulnerable of them. 

On the training front, Responsible Gaming is one of the subjects studied by all Sisal employees and point of sale network staff.

The company also monitors how risky games are and finances market research to learn about the extent of the phenomenon and identify the best measures to deal with it.

For info: https://www.sisal.com/eng/sustainability/responsible-gaming

Sisal is committed to sustainability because it is aware of the impacts and responsibilities it generates while performing its business activities. Being a leading edge enterprise today means developing actions that can transform the company from a creator of value for the business to a creator of value (not only economic) for all stakeholders. Sustainability represents the most effective lever to achieve this result.
The sustainability principles embraced by Sisal are an integral part of the company’s vision and mission.Innovation, promoting the value of people, entering into a dialogue and listening, transparency: these are the values that underpin the corporate culture pursued by Sisal in every project and initiative, with a view to encouraging the growth and development of people and all stakeholders in general.
Data collection at Sisal is based on a process entailing close collaboration between the CSR manager and a series of internal resources who provide data and comments during each reporting cycle. The CSR manager collects all contributions, analyses them and, if in doubt, asks for a meeting with the resources who reported them. Finally, all the materials are certified and reorganised with the help of outside consultants into the Sustainability Report.
As it operates in a sensitive market and is aware of its role, Sisal works constantly to promote safe and responsible gaming for everyonein line with the latest industry standards certified by the European Lotteries and the World Lottery Association. The protection of players from problems associated with gaming addiction on one hand, and of children on the otherare issues of particular and fundamental importance, and Sisal makes a significant effort in this sense.
Illegal gaming is one of the most serious gaming-related issuesSisal works alongside the Regulatory Authorities, trade associations and local administrations to realise ever more effective projects in the fight against illegal gaming, in such a way as to guarantee customer protection and the security and transparency of gaming materials and products. 
For more information about its sustainability approach, projects and goals, Sisal has set up a special mailbox: infoCSR@sisal.it.