Fraud prevention

Fraud prevention

Match-fixing, that is, all forms of tampered bets, is one of the most important areas for Sisal in the fight against illegal gambling. In 2016, Sisal implemented the precautions laid out by the “Antimatch-fixing formula” project, led by the Italian government Department for Sport.

The project is funded by the European Commission and has involved numerous partners alongside Sisal, including the University of Hamburg, the Danish Gambling Authority, the French law firm Clairance Avocats and the University of Liverpool as well as Christian Kalb with his firm CK Consulting.

One of the main outcomes that arose from the project was the understanding of how non-licensed bet operators in the consumer's country are one of the main contributing factors to the growth of match-fixing issues. The conclusions of this project will guide the development of Sisal's actions towards more effective and efficient solutions to combat illegal gambling.

In December 2016, Sisal shared the outcome of its collaboration in the “Antimatch-fixing formula” project at the “Sports Integrity Conference” which is a part of the International Sports Convention. On that occasion, Sisal also had the opportunity to present its prevention, monitoring and reporting system, the Sisal Sports Betting Integrity Risk Management system.

Tackling online fraud

Beware of e-mails!

The most wide-spread online fraud technique is phishing, which consists in sending fake e-mails with the intention of acquiring passwords and account information. Typically, untrustworthy e-mails are not personalised and contain links to different addresses than the Sisal site and prompt you to enter your data. If you are not sure about the trustworthiness of a Sisal-branded e-mail, contact us and resolve your doubts. 

Do not use internet file-sharing programs

File-sharing and peer-to-peer programs grant other users access to your computer. Some of these users could have malicious intentions.

Avoid features that save your password automatically and remember to change it often 

When prompted to save a password that you just entered, always choose 'No'. If the password is stored on memory, it can easily be appropriated by somebody who acquires possession of your computer. Avoid using predictable passwords or passwords identical to your username, and remember to change them regularly.

Antivirus and system updates are essential  

To defend against intrusions, it is essential to have antivirus and antispyware programs and an operating system that is always up to date.



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