Purpose, vision, mission and values

Purpose, vision, mission and values

The purpose, vision, mission and values that guide our behaviour and business choices.


"To build a more responsible future"
At Sisal we believe in gaming as a form of entertainment and leisure, far from excess. This is why we constantly invest in resources and technology, with the aim of making our proposal increasingly advanced, simple and safe.

We are convinced that all successful innovation is driven by responsibility, since it allows us to put rules for protecting people and promoting individuals first, to the benefit of society as a whole. It enables us to play an active role, so that our business model can create economic value in a balanced and responsible way. Responsibility makes it possible to promote higher standards, capable of leading the sustainable evolution of our entire sector.

This is why we protect players, making them the focus of all our actions; we support social progress, contributing to generate shared value for the community; we value each and every individual, recognising people as the true wealth of society.

Because everyone wins when we win the challenge of responsibility.


"Be the leading international company in responsible gaming, while continuously driving digital innovation"



"To offer the best responsible gaming experience, generating value for society and people"


Responsibility, the focus of our actions
It guides our strategy, ensuring conscious, sustainable and long-term development.

People, the heart of our company
We undertake to listen to, value and reward everyone so that they can help us achieve our Purpose.

Innovation, inspiring our company
It stimulates creativity, supports growth and development and helps generate value over time.