Sisal undertakes to conduct its business in compliance with the highest standards of integrity, social responsibility and ethics.

In order to prevent and fight illegal conducts that are not in line with its values, Sisal has introduced an independent system for receiving and managing whistleblowing reports.
Members of management and all Sisal employees are encouraged and required to report any behaviour that does not comply with the principles and contents of the Code of Ethics and Model 231.

All Sisal staff is kept aware on what can be reported and which channels can be used to file reports, through periodic communications and specific training. In addition, a dedicated link for easy access to the Whistleblowing Platform is available on the company Intranet.
In order to build trust and participation, Sisal involves all external stakeholders, such as suppliers and business partners, by making available independent channels for reporting any practice of corruption, frauds or any concern related to compliance.
Reporting channels
To facilitate the reporting process, Sisal has set up the following communication channels available to all Sisal employees and stakeholders, in particular:
Reporting channels are always available and managed by the independent Sisal Supervisory Body, which is responsible for receiving and investigating any report submitted.
Whistleblower Protection

The protection and confidentiality of the Whistleblower's and the Implicated Person's identity are always guaranteed on all the available reporting channels. In addition, the data are processed in compliance with the law, by adopting all the appropriate measures.
Sisal also accepts anonymous reports, where allowed by the law.

No Retaliation
At Sisal, Whistleblower protection is crucial. Whistleblowers are protected from any direct or indirect form of retaliation or discrimination for reasons directly or indirectly connected to the report. Any form of retaliation or discrimination is prohibited and sanctioned.