Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning

We are a company in continual transformation, with a focus on change and the technological and digital evolution that is influencing methods and opportunities at work. That is why we are constantly planning training projects for our employees, to enable them to improve their skills, acquire new ones and get a better understanding of themselves and their attitudes.

Technological innovations and the speed of change are having a huge effect on today’s labour market and on the balance of supply and demand at Sisal too.

To rise to the challenge of innovation and sustain change, we set up our Future Academy, which has a mission to promote new awareness and more flexible and inclusive ways of thinking.

Training in the field of innovation, whether it be to develop soft skills or on more specific themes, has entailed the organisation of numerous other training projects.

Digital Transformation Program
A training path for all top and middle managers. Using a hybrid methodology that combines workshop sessions with idea generation, project work and startup contamination, we’ve been able to create a learning environment in which to define, build and update the skills needed to provide a real time response to digitalisation. Our ultimate goal is to create a culture of innovation and shared digital technology, as well as to encourage cross-functional working methods to support our business.

Digital Innovation Team
We used Organisational Networking Analysis (ONA) to select a team of 15 talents in innovation with the ideal attitude and digital skills to work on and propose innovative business projects. They act as agents of change within the organisation, contributing with the management team to the Digital Transformation Program and continuously extending test and prototyping skills in order to develop digital innovation projects for proposing to the business.

SkillGym started out as an in-house training project to improve our people’s soft skills with targeted learning paths.
Our objective with Skillgym, a voluntary soft skill training program, was to offer everyone training opportunities in these skills and capabilities with a voluntary, blended course. In 2020, it went completely online while maintaining its original format.

Self empowerment
Knowing what your own attitudes and skills are is the path to a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. The Self empowerment orientation service offers an opportunity to understand, with the help of your coach, how to develop your skills and grow professionally and personally.

An innovative training program that develops digital soft skills like digital mindset, knowledge sharing, problem solving and creativity. BeDigital is totally online, with lessons, individual work and group activities in virtual workshops, and coaching sessions on specific topics.

Smart Working Evolution
A cultural approach to the evolution of smart working. Four years after the introduction of Smart Working in Sisal, managers are increasingly feeling the need to co-build professional relationships inspired by trust and responsibility, based on results measured against the objectives and timing defined together at the start of the project. 40 smart managers and 40 smart workers identified and implemented initiatives to promote this evolution through innovation workshops.

Starting Kit 4 People Management
The program for today’s and tomorrow’s team leaders to strengthen and perfect their style of people management. Participants share best practices for managing critical resources and improving work organisation.

OpenCafé Languages
A platform for learning/practicing up to seven languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish). Sisal is becoming increasingly international, so it’s vitally important to be able to dialogue with colleagues abroad. The platform is currently used by over 500 people, who can also extend the service to a guest user of their choice. Languages can be learned wherever you are, using the OpenCafé Languages app!

Volta il progetto di Smart Working

Il progetto si propone di migliorare l’efficacia e la flessibilità organizzative.

Ruggero Dadamo, Direttore HR Sisal,durante l'evento per presentare la nostra palestra digitale per le soft skill.
Con Will abbiamo portato in campo il volontariato d’impresa.