Sisal supports a responsible, balanced and safe gaming model. We believe in the utmost importance of protecting minors and avoiding problem gambling and gambling addiction issues.

Support for problem gambling can be reached through:

  • National toll-free number for problems relating to gambling (TVNGA) of the Italian National Institute of Health: 800.558.822 (from landline and mobile phone, from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 16:00; at other times, an answering machine handles calls). A team of professionals offers advice and guidance completely anonymously, both to people who have developed problems (psychological, relational, legal) due to excessive gambling, as well as for affected family members and friends.
  • The entirely free online therapy service provided by FeDerSerD (Italian Federation of Workers of the Addiction Departments and Services). Thanks to the support of expert therapists, it is possible to define an agreed treatment path based on individual needs. Since 2009, Sisal has been a partner of FeDerSerD in supporting people who have developed problems related to excessive gambling of a psychological, relational and legal nature.


In 2017, developed a software system with the aim of detecting and preventing problem gambling behaviour. It functions by means of a predictive identification system, which tracks and analyses the movements of online players and compares them to the historical and transactional data of our entire customer base. In so doing, irregularities that risk leading the customer towards problem gambling can be identified.

When anomalies are detected, Sisal intervenes instantly on two levels: the user is removed from marketing promotions, and the profile is traced to ensure that their gaming activity is moderated or limited.

This software is an extremely effective countermeasure against problem gambling: by leveraging historical data, 93% of potential risk cases were identified in advance, which subsequently returned to normal behaviour.

The power of these tools is a further concrete step towards our increasingly sustainable gaming offer.



In 2015, Sisal continued to develop the Responsible Gaming programme in full compliance with the strict international standards defined by European Lotteries and the World Lottery Association at maximum certification level four.
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The Responsible Gaming Programme

The programme was introduced with the aim of building a shared model of safe and responsible gaming that focuses on the prevention of gambling problems.