Privacy & Data Ethics

Privacy & Data Ethics

Your privacy and personal data are at the center our strategy. Privacy, Data Ethics and the provision of transparent online services are among the pillars of our Privacy & Data Ethics culture and strategy.

Your data. Our Privacy & Data Ethics Commitment.


Privacy & Data Ethics Principles

Compliance with our Privacy & Data Ethics values is based on the following principles: 
  • Transparency: we are committed to ensuring a high level of transparency and explainability on how we process your personal data through all our channels and services. 
  • Privacy: we process your personal data in compliance with privacy and data protection principles and regulations, ensuring, by way of example, personal data minimization, storage limitation, purposes limitation and facilitating control over personal data at any time. 
  • Ethics & Fairness: we are committed to developing and adopting fair practices towards our customers; including fair and adequate treatment of your personal data in all of our services.
  • Quality & Accuracy: we are committed to ensuring a high level of data quality in terms of accuracy, precision and, where necessary, updating and rectification. 
  • Accountability: we are committed to ensuring a Privacy & Data Ethics governance model to ensure ethical, compliant, sustainable long-term services and processes.
  • Responsible Gaming: we are committed to develop and provide a fair, safe and responsible gaming environment; in our active commitment, we adopt an ethical, conscious and conscientious behavior. Being an international leader in responsible gaming means being able to drive cutting-edge and, at the same time, reliable digital innovation.

Sisal is committed to ensuring compliance to Privacy & Data Ethics principles also while adopting and implementing innovative technological solutions – such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions – that allow the automation of our business processes. The use of these AI solutions make it essential to comply with privacy and data protection regulations to protect the rights and freedoms of our users, as well as the users’ right to know and understand the process and the operation of the AI models with which they may interact with.

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Our Privacy Commitment

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