We are committed to developing initiatives that improve the quality of our people’s working and private lives.


We care about the well-being of our people and their loved ones and want to meet their needs. This is why SisalCare was created: the Sisal welfare portal that offers various services and conventions dedicated to the individual, his or her free time and support for family members and children. A single touch point of exclusive services distributed throughout the country: from buying school books at discounted prices, to finding baby sitters and carers, renewing public transportation subscriptions or discovering new fitness experiences. The services can be purchased and booked directly from the platform with an easy and secure transaction.

Another work-life balance initiative we’ve introduced is this tool that offers all our co-workers greater flexibility in their working hours, more independence in managing when they arrive and leave the office and, in the summer period, the possibility of long weekends.

This project allows employees to donate working hours to voluntary aid causes. The idea came from our co-workers and is inspired by the desire to devote time to others.

Working in partnership with the MilanoAltruista network, we launched Will, a web portal that allows users to choose and register for voluntary work experiences.


Smart Working
An innovative organisational approach that we introduced with our Volta project, which has a mission to improve organisational effectiveness and flexibility through trust and responsibility, encouraging working by objectives, promoting a good work-life balance, and developing engagement and motivation. Today Sisal has about 800 smart workers and intends to extend this working method to even more of the corporate population. This project won us the Smart Working Award 2016, presented by the Politecnico di Milano School of Management’s Smart Working Monitoring Unit, as a best practice in terms of flexible working, communication and target group engagement.


Push To Open
A project for parents and children with the aim of providing real-life tools for orientation and to choose study and career paths with greater awareness. It offers parents a guide to providing their children with effective support when they have to make choices and as they grow, and helps children improve the general skills increasingly in demand in the employment market.



Digital parents
This educational program for Sisal parents is designed to develop their digital skills so they can then advise their children on the informed and healthy use of digital technology and tools.



Originating in employees’ responses to a survey on physical wellbeing, Gympass is a platform offering preferential rates and flexible subscriptions at over 14,000 sports centres. Sisal employees can choose their sport and also extend the subscription to another member of the family. Over 500 employees currently use the service.

An online course with video and audio content presented by an expert in meditation. Topics covered include stress reduction, stimulating creativity and recovering interior energy.

Online doctor
Launched during the Covid-19 emergency, the #IlMedicoOnline service is still available to all Sisal employees. The initiative provides online video-consultation via the Centro Medico Sant’Agostino in Milan. Accessible online healthcare helps keep the entire community healthy and avoids the stress of organising a visit to a doctor. Consultations are integrated with digital records of medical history, prescriptions and reports.

Stress Box
To deal with anxiety and stress that can arise from daily activities, especially in a particular moment like the one we are living, we have made available the Stress Box service, a real listening desk. Through two channels, e-mail and a dedicated phone number, colleagues can be supported by certified psychologists and coaches in total respect of their privacy.

Volta il progetto di Smart Working

Il progetto si propone di migliorare l’efficacia e la flessibilità organizzative.

Il futuro sarà sempre più smart e in Sisal anticipiamo i cambiamenti.
Con Will abbiamo portato in campo il volontariato d’impresa.