The Historical Archive

The Historical Archive

"Look to the future"

Aware of the important role that Sisal has carved out in the country's entrepreneurial history, we have decided to treasure the past by collecting and enhancing our historical and cultural heritage.
So the company started selecting and cataloging everything that was relevant.
The pieces of this important story of evolution and shared identity have come together, like pieces of a great puzzle, in the Sisal Historical Archive created in 2012 close to the company's seventieth birthday.
The archive, located in Peschiera Borromeo (MI), collects over 10.000 documents and materials: photographs, posters, commercials and the collection of the newspaper "Sport Italia" starting from the first issue dated May 1946.
This reality, associated with Museimpresa, was born with the intention of supporting and stimulating the drive for innovation without losing sight of its roots.
A bridge between past and future.


Sisal Sanremo-Totip - "Buongiorno Tristezza" (1989)

History of Sisal

75 years of history told through documents, photographs, characters, places and objects that have accompanied Sisal along its path and that belong to the imagination of all Italians.

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