The MEIC Project

The MEIC Project

Fully aware of the important role it has carved out for itself in Italy’s business history, Sisal has decided to capitalise on its past through a wide-ranging project that fully exploits the company’s historical and cultural heritage.

This project, dubbed MEIC, an Italian acronym for memoryevolution and shared identity, has brought about the creation of the Sisal Historical Archive, which brings together a sizeable proportion of the company’s heritage.

The creation of the Totocalcio football pools, 75 years ago now, marked the birth of Sisal and the introduction of modern gambling into Italy. Three sports journalists, a country destroyed by the war, and Italians’ passionate love of football were the ingredients in the wonderful dream turned into reality by the football pools: to breath life back into Italian sport!
Since then, ceaselessly, passionately and with devotion, Sisal has played a leading role in Italians’ free time through its ongoing and lasting commitment to integrate corporate social responsibility with the company’s business strategy.

Far from being a project that looks back to the past, MEIC aims to be a tool to provide access to corporate memory as it changes, and to prepare the company’s own historical legacy as an accompaniment to the drive to innovate which has always been a feature of Sisal. A way of looking to the future, but without ever losing sight of its tradition and roots.

Sisal Sanremo-Totip - "Buongiorno Tristezza" (1989)

History of Sisal

75 years of history told through documents, photographs, characters, places and objects that have accompanied Sisal along its path and that belong to the imagination of all Italians.

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