Points of sale
Points of sale
The Group operates through a distribution network consisting of 48,342 retail points, split into two brick-and-mortar channels: Branded and Affiliated. The Sisal network offers the Group’s full range of gaming products and services for the public.

The Branded channel consists of 4.445 points of sale identified by the Group’s proprietary brands:

Sisal Wincity

Wincity is a pleasant and relaxing place to spend your leisure time. With its welcoming and exciting atmosphere, it provides a new way to enjoy entertainment in Italy. Launched in 2010, the brand represents the top-of-the-range in the Sisal retail network. Wincity is the place where consumers can have fun with the most innovative products on the market, while enjoying the excellence of Italian cuisine.
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Sisal Matchpoint

Matchpoint is the place where skilled players will find all data, news and tools to place bets. A friendly space where everybody can have fun. Matchpoint shop offers the full range of Sisal product portfolio constantly updated in a high technological environment and with a special focus on customer assistance.
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Sisal Smartpoint

Smartpoint offers customers a unique and distinctive experience, guided by technology and managed by highly professional staff. Launched in 2014, Smartpoint is Sisal’s latest retail novelty. A smart and informal setting where customers can choose between lottery products, payment services and top amusement machines.
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Affiliated channel

The Affiliated channel consists of a network of over 43 thousand third party retailers, through which the Group distributes its offering of gaming products and services for the public. The channel consists of retail points like cafes, tobacconists and newsstands, offering the extensive local coverage that enables the Group to reach a broad base of consumers.

The Responsible Gaming Programme
The programme has been introduced with the aim of building a shared model of secure and reliable gaming that revolves around the prevention of problem gaming.
Play Safe
The fight against illegal gambling is an essential commitment in our sustainability strategy. We work alongside the trade associations and local authorities for the promotion of safe gaming.
Payment Services
The strategy of diversifying into the payment services industry began in 2003 with mobile phone top-ups.