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October 2020
Forbes - Interview to Francesco Durante
Francesco Durante has worked for Sisal for over 10 years, and has been CEO for almost one year. He oversaw the growth of the main business units as well as managing the digitalisation process, and is now preparing to take the company even higher by focusing on internationalisation, technologies and a culture of responsible gaming.
November 2018
Emilio Petrone, CEO Sisal Group
Led by CEO Emilio Petrone, Sisal Group has undergone a transformation, driving the development of payment services in Italy. How? By anticipating Italians’ needs based on an approach it now confirms with Bill.
April 2018
Emilio Petrone
More than 200 million transactions in just one year, 40 thousand points of sale spread across Italy, over 500 services offered and a remarkable 13.5 million customers served: these are some of the highlights shared by CEO Emilio Petrone in an interview with Il Messaggero.
January 2018
Emilio Petrone
The strategy planned over the years by Sisal CEO Emilio Petrone, who has led the gaming and services company since 2008 after an impressive career working for top multinationals, has shown itself to be the right one. “If we hadn’t been firm believers in the growth of payment systems, we would never have been able to achieve the goals we agreed with our shareholders”, confirms Petrone, the driving force behind the digital and technological transformation of Sisal Group that began with the innovative and profitable diversification process pioneered by payment services brand SisalPay.
October 2017
Emilio Petrone
Companies operating in today’s digital payments market have a significant influence on their country’s digital transformation process. “Our channel is entering a phase of technological innovation, with a series of advanced services that are increasingly able to satisfy consumers’ needs”, explains Emilio Petrone, who goes out of his way to remind us of Sisal’s contribution to the development of the neighbourhood channel in Italy, which is now an integral part of Italians’ everyday lives and can drive the use of e-payments in Italy.