Innovation at Sisal

Innovation at Sisal

Innovation inspires our company, stimulates creativity, supports evolution and growth, and helps generate value over time.

For us at Sisal, innovation is a key pillar of strategic evolution, one of the company’s core values and a mindset that guides the way we approach work.

At Sisal we pursue an innovation process aimed at developing digital and IT skills, identifying and adopting new technologies and redesigning processes as an integral part of our business strategy.

New technologies play an essential role in business evolution, which is why we invest in functional IT infrastructures to adopt applications in line with best market practices, also through the implementation of digital hubs in Italy and in Albania and Turkey.

Sisal’s vocation for innovation also translates into our on-going commitment to initiatives aimed at supporting winning ideas, offering concrete help to start-ups, young entrepreneurs and innovators through GoBeyond, a project created by Sisal.