Manifesta 12

Manifesta 12

Sisal Group is proud to be Main Partner of Manifesta 12, a long-term project to promote the value of contemporary art and culture in Italy, in line with the Group’s mission to support talent and innovation.

The initiative has been set in motion using a methodological approach, based on the data generated by a scenario study commissioned from market research firm Ipsos. This detailed analysis describes the state of contemporary art, highlighting the main locations where art can be enjoyed and the markets where it can be bought and sold, as well as the need to put artists back at the centre of the ecosystem.

The study reveals in particular how difficult it is for Italian contemporary art to be successful on the international stage. The main obstacles to development include: limited public resources, high taxes, and weak synergy between the public and private sectors, in a system that is struggling to deliver effective promotion and often forces artists to experience their art as residual.

In full agreement with the spirit of Manifesta, which has a mission to promote coexistence and virtuous contamination between the arts and social dynamics, Sisal Group has devised and implemented Sisal Art Placea concept set in the magnificent Palazzo Drago, which has been re-opened for the occasion and acts as a point of contact and continuity between classic and contemporary art, and between tradition and innovation, in the heart of a city that is enjoying a major cultural and social renaissance.


Inside Palazzo Drago, visitors and art lovers will have the chance to admire the exhibition “Squardi” (Looks), Sisal’s tribute to Italian Contemporary Art, featuring a selection of 27 works by Italian artists using the non plus ultra of contemporary media: video. The project concept is by gallery owner and exhibition curator Francesco Pantaleone, and by Mario Giorni, Honorary President and manager of the Careof Historical Archive.”


The State of Contemporary Art

The infographic illustrates the state of contemporary art, highlighting the main locations where art can be enjoyed and critical success factors.

Il Piccolo Teatro

Since 2009, Sisal has been offering the Piccolo Teatro di Milano its support for initiatives that provide opportunities to meet cultural leaders.

Support for scientific research

Every year Sisal supports scientific research, carried out thanks to the involvement of the sales network.