Sisal Group supports the project Pink is Good together with Fondazione Umberto Veronesi for the eighth consecutive year.

The Sisal Group supports Fondazione Umberto Veronesi for the eighth consecutive year, providing assistance in the fund-raising campaign for the project Pink is Good, born in 2013 to tackle breast cancer and other women’s cancers.

Beginning Monday 7 October until Sunday 3 November, in all Sisal retail outlets throughout Italy, it will be possible to contribute to the fundraiser through voluntary donations, not associated with any product or service. The proceeds will be donated entirely to the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi and the receipt will specify that Sisal and its reseller will not detract any commission.

Pink is Good is a project created by Fondazione Umberto Veronesi with the dual goal of providing concrete support for scientific research, by financing research grants for doctors and researchers who have decided to dedicate their lives to studying and treating breast cancer and other women’s cancers, as well as promoting cancer prevention through effective information campaigns. To date, 153 researchers who work with these illnesses have benefited from support, comprising the most renowned Italian institutions and numerous high-profile scientific projects, such as the P.I.N.K. study, a cross-institutional, long-term project aimed at further reducing the death rate associated with breast cancer, improving the integration between the diagnostic techniques available today by fostering a personalised approach. The study furthermore analyses the correlation between lifestyle circumstances and particular illnesses among a large number of women, to better understand how we can help to prevent this type of tumour.

Sisal’s support for Fondazione Umberto Veronesi is focused on a project that will be developed by Nicolò Mauro at the University of Palermo, with the aim of creating nanosystems capable of recognizing and penetrating the mammary tumour to eradicate the affected cells. This work will help improve the precision and effectiveness of treatments and could potentially be used to treat even smaller tumours. “Thanks to this financing I can continue my research to find a better cure for breast cancer, that still affects many women today,” stated Nicolò Mauro.

The Group is committed to fulfilling its broader social responsibility programme within the scope of Sisal’s research pledge, with the aim of raising awareness among the public and assisting fund-raising campaigns, by leveraging Sisal’s extensive network.

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