Sisal: Talents Needed! 200 new recruits for international development and digital business.

Sisal is on the lookout for talents, 200 new recruits to hire in the coming months, to take part in our company’s development through an international expansion strategy and consolidation of leadership in the digital business.

The new recruiting programme is focused on two specific areas: one entirely dedicated to the evolution of digital platforms for the gaming market, and the second to the growing need for people skilled in IT and new technologies.

Sisal offers successful candidates the opportunity of becoming a part of the radical transformation taking place throughout the company. Every business unit is called to do its part to accomplish our digital transformation and internationalisation mission, which in the last 18 months was able to spread best practices in every field of the gaming and lottery sector to Morocco, Spain and Turkey.

Despite the delicate situation, caused by the complications of the health crisis, Sisal continues to invest in talents and in people, seeking out the best professionals with valuable digital expertise. Our new recruits will be asked to join a young team, working in a dynamic and instructive environment that will enable them to learn to interact cross-functionally with all business areas.

In light of this, a new recruiting platform with innovative design and usability was developed to guarantee a new candidate experience. The application will consist of a video presentation made on the applicant’s own device, followed by a large number of meetings aimed at assessing every aspect of the candidate, from their productivity potential to their career aspirations.

Along with our aim to provide helpful feedback containing precise analysis of the evaluation of every single candidate, Sisal is also committed to putting people at the heart of all our actions.

Working at Sisal means having the chance to grow professionally in an international context that is capable of keeping up with the pace of developments and sometimes even surpassing them. We encourage our staff to become resilient and to become active protagonists of the transformation we are living through,” commented Ruggero Dadamo, Chief People Officer at Sisal. The true tour de force of this recruiting project is the attention we pay to everyone who comes into contact with us, regardless of the outcome of their application. Everyone will receive practical feedback with concrete reasons given for the result of the application.”

We launched a particularly challenging recruiting project precisely because we want to be the forerunners of market evolutions. We offer young talents the possibility of consolidating their skills in the digital field and we enable them to work at a company with a long-standing history that is in continuous evolution and expanding rapidly in international markets,” underlined Marco Tiso, Managing Director Online at Sisal.For us, maintaining and encouraging our investment programme for digital skills is essential, because our consumers’ behaviour is becoming increasingly diverse, requiring an omnichannel offering that integrates physical outlets and a strong online presence."

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