Sisal: corporate reorganisation completed. Gaming business separated and chain of control rationalised. Two demerger deeds signed on 5 November 2021.

The deed of demerger of Sisal S.p.A. (“Sisal” or “the Company”) was signed on 5 November 2021, in favour of the newly formed SG2 S.p.A., a company established as a result of the demerger and to which the 70% equity interest in Mooney Group S.p.A. (formerly SisalPay S.p.A.) has been transferred.

This marks the completion of the corporate reorganisation transaction aimed to reorganise and rationalise the activities of Sisal (formerly Sisal Group S.p.A.), by separating the gaming business from the payment services business, given that the equity investment in Mooney Group S.p.A. will no longer be included in the Sisal scope.

In addition, the deed of partial demerger of the subsidiary Sisal Lottery Italia S.p.A. was signed on 5 November 2021.

This concludes the corporate reorganisation transaction approved by the Shareholders’ Meetings of Sisal S.p.A. and Sisal Lottery Italia S.p.A. on 28 July 2021 with a view to rationalising and reorganising the chain of control of Sisal S.p.A. through the transfer of the equity interests held by Sisal Lottery Italia S.p.A. in its subsidiaries.

Based on the consolidated financial information of Sisal S.p.A., calculated net of the investment in Mooney Group S.p.A. which left the scope due to the demerger of Sisal S.p.A., in 2019 the Company’s total revenues amounted €654.8 million and EBITDA to €200.6 million, whereas in 2020 — a year that was strongly impacted by the restrictive measures aimed at containing the Covid-19 health emergency — total revenues amounted to €523.8 million and EBITDA to €176.3 million. In H1 2021, Sisal reported total consolidated revenues of €263.6 million (+26.2% compared to H1 2020) and consolidated EBITDA of €99.5 million (+49.2%).

Net Financial Position at 30 June 2021 was €192.9 million compared to €202.3 million at 31 December 2020.

Latham & Watkins assisted the Company with all legal aspects, whereas Studio Legale Tributario Facchini Rossi Michelutti provided tax assistance. PricewaterhouseCoopers has been engaged to conduct statutory auditing of Sisal's accounts.


Sisal is one of the leading international operators in the regulated gaming sector and currently operates in Italy, Morocco, Spain and Turkey, with a range that includes lotteries, betting, online games and entertainment devices. The Company operates in the retail channel through a network of over 51,000 points of sale and in the online channel serving over 1.8 million consumers.

Sisal's strategy rests on three pillars: sustainability, through constant commitment to development of the Responsible Gaming programme and through the offering of a secure, transparent entertainment model; digital innovation, thanks to its cutting-edge gaming platform oriented towards an omnichannel approach and inhouse software and application development expertise to grasp the opportunities offered by the digital transition; and internationalisation, with the goal of being awarded contracts for new international concessions on the basis of its solid expertise.

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