SuperEnalotto award by Italian customs and monopolies agency now official: Sisal granted concession for the next nine years.

The decision confirms the Commission’s assessment that Sisal submitted the best bid.

Sisal’s lottery game excellence in Italy has recently been demonstrated at international level too.

Sisal has been granted the concession to manage SuperEnalotto, “complementary and optional games and the relative forms of remote participation, as well as all other number games based on a single national totalizator” for the next nine years. The award is now official after its publication by the Customs and Monopolies Agency under the signature of the Director, Dr. Benedetto Mineo.

This represents an important decision for Sisal Group, the current holder of the SuperEnalotto concession, and confirms the assessment of the Award Committee, which last July 24 determined that the best bid was submitted by Sisal, in the framework of a competitive tender process.

Sisal’s position of excellence in lottery game management was recently confirmed at international level too. The concession obtained in Morocco in 2018 was followed a few weeks ago by the Turkish Wealth Fund’s award of a ten-year contract to manage the Turkish National Lotteries to the Sisal-Şans joint venture.

The award will come into force only after verification of the necessary requirements. 

This release constitutes a public disclosure of inside information by Sisal Group S.p.A. under the Market Abuse Regulation (EU 596/2014 (16 April 2014)).

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