A conversation with retail network
A conversation with retail network
Sisal believes in the development of and dialogue with its retail network to effectively promote the values of sustainability and social responsibility.
For this reason, the entire distribution network receives training and is engaged constantly in the development of a retail strategy that is increasingly closely aligned with customers’ needs and expectations.

The 44,870 points of sale in the network are split into an online channel and two bricks & mortar channels, one branded (Sisal Wincity, Sisal Matchpoint and Sisal Smartpoint) and the other affiliated.

Direct dialogue with the network is in three areas:

1. Contact Center
A dedicated service with controlled access (for maximum confidentiality) and a network of expert operators who receive ongoing training.
  • 96% replies given to retailers by the Contact Center service
  • 98,4% calls resolved during the first contact
  • 99,9% vs. standard service levels (SLA, Service Level Agreement)
2. Web portal dedicated to retailers 
The web portal, which is managed by the Trade Marketing team, is designed to offer Sisal retailers as much freedom as possible in terms of how they connect to retrieve information about Sisal products, including from tablets and mobile devices. It also provides all contest data, the retailer’s accounting data and the latest point of sale posters.


3. Terminal message 
Point of sale terminals are sent daily updates about numerous novelties, including new product launches and special initiatives, winnings, competition reports and charity initiatives. Terminals can also be used to send pop-up messages for immediate communication needs.
Store Locator
Find the Sisal retailer closest to where you are.
Points of sale
The Group operates through a distribution network consisting of 48,342 retail points, split into two brick-and-mortar channels: Branded and Affiliated. The Sisal network offers the Group’s full range of gaming products and services for the public.
The Responsible Gaming Programme
The programme has been introduced with the aim of building a shared model of secure and reliable gaming that revolves around the prevention of problem gaming.