Culture, Values and Diversity

Connecting Generations@work

Innovative technology, longer average lifespans and the resulting increase in the population have radically changed the world’s social, economic and political appearance over the last decade. 
Against this backdrop, Sisal is developing an integrated approach to promoting the strategic value of generational diversity at the company. The aim is to integrate the generational lever into the corporate people strategy, based on internal research performed on the four generations of employees in Sisal that outlines a dynamic approach to people management.


WoW Team 2.0

An acronym for Working on Work, the WoW team is an interfunctional work group set up to identify ideas for improvement in the company and put them into practice. Every two years, the group’s members are renewed through a self-candidacy process organised on the corporate intranet (WeSisal). The result is always a team of proactive, enthusiastic and creative people who are committed to making their coworkers’ lives simpler and to promoting the spread of know-how.


Be Inspired

The world is evolving, improving and changing into something new at a steady pace. Be Inspired puts Sisal people at the center of innovation by providing content about successful case studies, market trends, startups, apps and the skills most in demand in the job market.



This project is born of the desire to recover, promote and share our company’s important historical legacy with everyone. It represents an essential tool to gain access to the company’s corporate memory and the transformations it has undergone, so that we have a better understanding of our past, present and future.
A rich selection of photographs, documents, videos and analysis on the company’s intranet presents Sisal’s most relevant memorabilia to employees, while the website acts as a historical showcase for the public.
Promoting the value of our history allows us to look ahead to the future without ever losing sight of our traditions and origins.


WeSisal, our intranet

Representing our corporate culture’s beating heart, our intranet is enriched with new content on a daily basis by the team of WeSisal Editors. With a mission to publish collaborative work and create corporate communities, WeSisal is also an important information hub, with news from across the company presented in dedicated sections (new product launches, initiatives by business units, news from the CEO, organisational news releases, corporate project launches, etc.). The MySisalSpace area also allows employees to manage their pay slips, attendance sheets and permits.


An acronym for Women in Sisal Experience, WiSe is the project sustained by Sisal to promote the role and contribution that women make to our company. Inspired by the Great Place to Work philosophy, the WiSe project is not only a response to the need for equal opportunities in a merit-based organisation, but also the result of a belief that diversity is an important factor for business development and growth. Aiming to develop a leadership style that is personal, effective and aligned with personal considerations and values, the project creates an inclusive atmosphere in the organisation system.


ViS - Values in Sisal

The guidelines followed by Sisal people have been defined on a collaborative basis through a wide-ranging initiative that has led to the creation of the Sisal Charter of Values.
Values underpinning our corporate culture are clearly demonstrated by the projects and initiatives organised by the Group to encourage the growth and development of its people.

Academy Manageriale
Un progetto dedicato ai dipendenti finalizzato a tradurre i valori aziendali in comportamenti.
Mentorship Program
Il mentorship Program è uno strumento per far crescere i giovani dell’azienda attraverso l’esperienza di un mentor.
Volta il progetto di Smart Working

Il progetto si propone di migliorare l’efficacia e la flessibilità organizzative.