Training and careers
Training and careers
We facilitate bottom-up learning processes, to make the people who at work in Sisal the leading actors in their own professional development.

OpenCafè, training in Sisal

Training in Sisal is open, smart, responsive and always ahead of the times. The company’s OpenCafé platform offers all Sisal employees and collaborators training courses in Italian and English on management and professional topics. It is a tool that lets everyone decide independently and in total freedom when and how to learn new skills and improve existing ones. The platform contains a total of 250 pills, 7 learning paths, 30 micro programmes and various blended courses, in addition to a library containing over 350 volumes in both paper and digital format, which can also be consulted using tablets provided by the company and available for booking on our intranet.


Performance Dialogue

People development at Sisal involves, among other things, an assessment process that aligns values, objectives and competences. In this process, professional and personal development is encouraged by defining clear objectives, by implementing winning strategies and by engaging in an ongoing conversation between managers and employees. The fairness and consistency of the assessment system used by management are guaranteed by a Calibration Committee in the framework of the Performance Dialogue system.


Skill Lab - Skill develompent center

This self-learning laboratory encourages self-development as a strategy for professional effectiveness, allows users to prepare an assessment of their behavioural skills, helps identify learning priorities, and supports ongoing skill improvement, aligning individual with organisational needs. 


Academy Manageriale

The Academy organises skill development courses, acting as a training center in which to reinforce and put into practice the capabilities needed to work better, enriching the professional background of course members and ensuring the organisation’s current and future success.
In addition to people management courses for new managers, the Academy organises regular courses each year on essential soft skills that reflect corporate strategy.


Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program was created to encourage individual professional growth by facilitating the exchange of views and experiences between people with different levels of seniority. The program focuses on people, who develop their professionalism and cross visibility through a process of reciprocal contamination, creating value both for themselves and the company.

Career in Sisal
Sisal’s People & Organization Committee establishes a pipeline of potential managers and resources to include in the assessment process. The aim of this complex process is to measure a person’s readiness for a management role and to build a development plan to support them that is consistent with business objectives.

Job Posting
The Job Posting platform informs everyone in Sisal about vacant positions in the company and lets them apply for those they are interested in. Before advertising vacant positions outside the company, they are first posted on the WeSisal intranet to encourage employees to apply.


Academy Manageriale
Un progetto dedicato ai dipendenti finalizzato a tradurre i valori aziendali in comportamenti.
Mentorship Program
Il mentorship Program è uno strumento per far crescere i giovani dell’azienda attraverso l’esperienza di un mentor.
Volta il progetto di Smart Working

Il progetto si propone di migliorare l’efficacia e la flessibilità organizzative.