Skills for the future

Skills for the future

Our organisational models, development plans and training programmes designed to promote the success of both individuals and groups have evolved and adapted in line with increasingly complex systems.

To tackle the challenges of innovation and support change we have set up the Future Academy, which has a mission to promote new awareness and more flexible and inclusive ways of thinking. The Future Academy has implemented various projects:


Digital Trasformation Program

A training path for all top and middle managers. Using a hybrid methodology that combines workshop sessions with idea generation, project work and startup contamination, we have created a learning environment in which to define, build and update the skills needed to provide a real time response to digitalisation. Our ultimate goal is to create a culture of innovation and shared digital technology, as well as to encourage transversal working methods for business support. 


Digital Innovation Team

We used Organizational Networking Analysis (ONA) to select a team of 15 Codys (innovation talents) with the ideal attitude and digital skills to tackle and propose innovative business projects. The Codys act as agents of change, contributing with management to the Digital Transformation Program and continuously extending test and prototyping competences in order to develop digital innovation projects.



A voluntary soft skill training program. Our goal was to offer everyone an opportunity to train these skills and learn how to put them into practice based on a voluntary, blended syllabus. 

SkillGym Highlights

  • Launched in October 2018 
  • 12 editions in less than a year (9 in Milan / 3 in Rome) 
  • 189 people involved in Milan and Rome (Men 53% - Women 47%)
  • 52% Millennials involved



Volta il progetto di Smart Working

Il progetto si propone di migliorare l’efficacia e la flessibilità organizzative.

Ruggero Dadamo, Direttore HR Sisal,durante l'evento per presentare la nostra palestra digitale per le soft skill.
Con Will abbiamo portato in campo il volontariato d’impresa.