We are committed to developing initiatives that improve the quality of our people’s working and private lives.

Volta, Smart Working in Sisal

Empowered by new technology, work is becoming more flexible with each passing day, in the sense that it is more streamlined, faster to perform, just a click away, and can be managed at times and in places that would have been unthinkable not long ago. Sisal embraces this innovative approach to organisation through the Volta project, which has the goals of improving organisational effectiveness and flexibility through trust and responsibility; of stressing the importance of working by objectives; of encouraging a good work-life balance; and of developing engagement and motivation.
Sisal has about 600 smart workers today and intends to extend this approach to an even larger section of the corporate population.
The Smart Working Monitoring Unit at the Politecnico di Milano School of Management presented Sisal with its Smart Working Award 2016 for the project, because it represents a best practice in the area not only of flexible working, but also of communication with and the engagement of the target group.



Innovative technology drives all projects at Sisal. One of them is Workshare, which aims to improve the working experience of all employees. Based on Unified Communication & Collaboration technology, Workshare empowers flexible working, promotes the importance of timing and speed, and facilitates collaboration.


Sisal cares about its collaborators and their families.
EasyLife is a web portal packed with services and special rates for employees. They include school textbooks at discounted prices; carpooling with coworkers; babysitting; discounts on Trenitalia and Alitalia rail and air tickets; and special rates at cafes and restaurants near company offices. 




FlexiLife is a tool designed to offer all employees more working flexibility, without compromising their work-life balance. As a result, they have more control over when they arrive for and leave work, as well as the possibility of taking a long weekend during the summer months.


Academy Manageriale
Un progetto dedicato ai dipendenti finalizzato a tradurre i valori aziendali in comportamenti.
Mentorship Program
Il mentorship Program è uno strumento per far crescere i giovani dell’azienda attraverso l’esperienza di un mentor.
Volta il progetto di Smart Working

Il progetto si propone di migliorare l’efficacia e la flessibilità organizzative.