Talent support
Talent support
We have always played an active role in practical training initiatives for talented young people, providing support and encouragement for students who are entering the job market through specific training courses.

Sisal works proactively with various universities and schools of specialisation, offering grants, workshops, direct testimony and company internship opportunities.

Aldo Moro University, Bari

Sisal promotes the Master’s Course in “Science of Marketing”, organised by the Department of Corporate Economics, Management and Law at “Aldo Moro” University in Bari. Taught entirely in English, it is attended by 100 students who have the opportunity to work with a varied Advisory Board of Managers from several international businesses, one of them being SisalPay, which has extensive experience at the cutting edge of innovation and progress. In addition to providing direct testimony about corporate case histories, Sisal provided financing to refurbish a university classroom and purchase innovative technology.

University of Pisa

We promote the “Master’s course in Internal Auditing and Control” offered by the Department of Economics and Management at Pavia University. In addition to direct testimony about corporate case histories, we’ll offer the most deserving students the chance to come and work at Sisal.

Reggio Calabria University

Working in parallel with the strategic IT Transformation project, Sisal’s ICT division has promoted an important partnership with the department of IT Engineering at the University of Reggio Calabria. As well as organising classroom presentations by several IT area experts, Sisal has also launched two Project Work initiatives, offering the most deserving students the opportunity to work with Sisal and implement the project inside the company.

Business School Sole 24 Ore

Sisal is sponsoring the new Master in Communication and Digital Strategy organised by the Sole 24 Ore Business School, with the launch of a special Project Work initiative. Specifically, the students on the master’s course will receive support from the Payments & Services division, which will give students the benefit of its wealth of experience and digital expertise.


Interfacing directly with students to promote the brand and recruit new resources, we attended the Talent Networking Forum on September 21, 2018 at MIP Politecnico di Milano. This activity forms part of the broader framework of Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding & Networking services that MIP offers companies in the network. The event directly addressed International MBA students with or in the process of obtaining diplomas, who had the chance to meet our Human Resources managers and ask about professional career opportunities.

Talent Garden

The importance of the digital ecosystem, on the other hand, is the focus of the Master in “UX Design” organised by Talent Garden, a training course for User Experience and Digital Design students that Sisal Group decided to support in 2017. Specifically, the Group’s “Online Gaming” division provided its expertise by working with course members on a special project.

In 2017, focusing in particular on the central role played by data in the knowledge economy, we sponsored the Master in Business Data Analysis for professionals working in the areas of marketing, data, sales, business and management who want to improve their skills through data analysis. In this case too, the Online Gaming BU will provide support for the Master’s course by launching a dedicated Project Work initiative.



For the second year running, Sisal will be sponsoring Codemotion Milano, the main Italian event for developers and techies across Europe. It represents an important opportunity to meet talented people in the sector and showcase the digital transformation that the Group’s ICT Function has been working on in recent months.

Codemotion World is an event that resonates in the world of IT, taking place over two days of conferences and workshops on the subject of technological innovation. 


Group Profile

In 1946, from the dream and the intuition of three sports journalists was born Sisal. The first Italian company to operate in the gaming industry as a Concessionaire of the State.

Open Innovation

Today’s payment services sector, where we operate under the SisalPay brand alongside our traditional gaming business, is going through a period of radical legislative change and great technological ferment.

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation is the process of rapid change triggered at economic and social level by the spread of digital technologies. Automation, dematerialisation, virtualisation, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and mobile communication are the big trends that are changing people’s lives and their relationship with products and services in both the public and private sectors.