Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The Code analyses and describes the main principles and conduct the Company’s people must adopt in the day-to-day performance of their professional duties, from administrative transparency to the management of IT services and the confidentiality of personal data, and from the use of internet, telephone and email to health, safety and security, and the environment.


The Code addresses issues concerning staff relations, professional conduct, transparent accounting, health & safety, and the environment.


The Code specifically draws attention to various principles, most importantly  equal treatment for all employees, without discrimination, and the provision of opportunities for professional development based on a merit system.


The principles

In the management of its business activities and relations, Sisal is guided by the principles of legality, fairness, integrity, transparency, efficiency, and openness. The company’s employees and associates are therefore required to observe these principles when handling business for the company and when dealing with the Government.

Sisal demands integrity from its employees, regardless of their level and role. Therefore, notwithstanding the fact that employees have the right to conduct private affairs outside those handled in the interests of the company, such right may not be exercised in competition with the company, or in a way that could be linked to illegal activities or that affects normal performance at work.

Also with a view to transparency and correctness, employees may not directly or indirectly pay for or offer gifts, material benefits, payments, or other benefits of any kind to third parties, public officials or private individuals.


Social awareness

The Board of Directors, through the revisions made to the Code introduced on 30 March 2010, also wanted to stress Sisal’s sensitivity towards protecting minors. Minors, who are often on the lookout for excitement, are most at risk of unhealthy gaming behavior. For this reason Sisal has instructed the recipients of the Organizational Model, and particularly its retail network, that under no circumstances are they to accept gaming requests from minors.


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Company Profile

In 1946, from the dream and the intuition of three sports journalists was born Sisal. The first Italian company to operate in the gaming industry as a Concessionaire of the State.


Our strategy is based on dialogue, transparency and responsibility

Our path to growth has always been charted using an approach that is socially.

The Responsible Gaming Programme

The programme has been introduced with the aim of building a shared model of secure and reliable gaming that revolves around the prevention of problem gaming.