Company strategy

Company strategy

We have been working in the gaming market for 75 years, striving to deliver the best offering of entertainment based on a responsible and sustainable approach.

Responsibility and sustainability mean gaining the trust of all stakeholders represented and creating value for everyone involved in the Company’s activities: shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and local operators.

We have a tradition of innovation and this approach, which has enabled us to diversify our offering over time and generate growing value, is the strategic lever we want to use to seize the opportunities provided by digitalization.
Our vision is that of being an international leading company, supporting a Sustainable and Responsible Gaming and moreover driving the digital innovation.

Development context and framework

The development of digital technologies is transforming not only the dynamics of the sectors in which we operate, but also customers’ needs, habits and expectations.

Against this backdrop, Sisal has developed a strategic plan that works in two directions:

  • consolidation of retail leadership 
  • digital transformation of the Company

Consolidation of retail leadership

Throughout its history, the extensive network of retail points has been one of Sisal’s most important development drivers and will continue to play a strategic role in value generation for the Company.

The strategic lines of development in the retail area are to:
  • Extend the retail network
  • Optimise the network at the same time as innovating the customer experience, with an increasingly omnichannel approach that integrates bricks-and-mortar and digital 
  • Become the main partner for neighbourhood retailers, developing a new B2B offering of value added services

Digital trasformation of the Company

Sisal’s strategic digital development plan will work in three directions: customers, retail and corporate (i.e. the company’s in-house skills, technology and processes).

More specifically, the digital conversion of customers has the strategic goal of:
  • Developing a portfolio of best in class digital products
  • Offering consumers the best purchasing experience with a mobile-first approach, as well as offering retailers tools that simplify work at retail points
  • Accelerating the digital conversion of consumers
Finally, looking at the Company’s internal operations, the three key factors to enable the digital transformation strategy at corporate level will be the development of skills, technology and processes, focusing our People Strategy on hiring digital talents, on the acquisition of strategic assets, and on innovative approaches.

Sisal Group Consolidated Financial Statement 2020


2020 Sustainability Report

Milan, 23 December 2019

Francesco Durante new Sisal SpA CEO

Following the separation of the payments and gambling businesses, Francesco Durante has been appointed CEO of Sisal SpA.