Not just cafes and tobacconists. Sisal sets its sights on hi-tech

Companies operating in today’s digital payments market have a significant influence on their country’s digital transformation process. e-payments, which demonstrate the real benefits offered by the evolution of technology and promote digital culture with the public and businesses, are now regarded as one of the key drivers of the new Economy 4.0.

Sisal group, with turnover of €16.6 billion, over 13 million customers, more than 40 thousand points of sale and about 200 million transactions handled annually, is fully aware of this fact and feels the weight of responsibility to facilitate an efficient, effective and swift transition. This is demonstrated by its investment of over €20 million to innovate the group’s customer services network technology, announced by Sisal Group CEO Emilio Petrone during the EY Capri Digital Summit 2017.

«The payment services network is one of our group’s most important assets. Over the years, not only have the numbers grown, but also the technology, with targeted provisions to ensure that the network is always at the forefront of technology. Our channel is entering a phase of technological innovation, with a series of advanced services that are increasingly able to satisfy consumers' needs»

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Halajie Barjie
PR & Media Relation Coordinator