Sisal: Best Gold Performer Award in the Lundquist’s .trust Study. The company received the prestigious award thanks to its authentic and direct digital communication.

Sisal has received the Best Gold Performer award as part of the digital marketing communication study “.trust2020” conducted by Lundquist.
Sisal was ranked among the top three of the 84 unlisted, state-enterprise and private sector companies that took part in the study, standing out in the last year of health crisis for efficiently communicating its identity and business strategy on its corporate channels, for its clear and effective communication, its distinctiveness and its direct engagement with its partners.

This year, the study concentrated on the quality of communication and the ability of companies to establish trust in their employees, consumers and all stakeholders that fall within the company’s sphere of influence. The Covid-19 health crisis has forced many companies to radically change their approach towards communication, which until a few months ago was predominantly centred around the product.

The .trust study focused on two aspects, substance and distinctiveness, whereby the former reflects the concreteness and consistency of messaging in relation to company commitments and the latter measures a company’s ability to recount distinctive and engaging stories.

Against this backdrop, Lundquist rewarded the most resilient businesses, who were able to respond to changes that occurred in the first months of the lockdown, through consistently direct and authentic communication – a fundamental responsibility for strengthening mutual trust.

I am extremely happy that Sisal has received this digital communication award from such an authoritative organisation as Lundquist. The renewal of this distinction,” explained Giovanni Emilio Maggi, Chief Institutional Affairs and Communication Officer,is the best possible acknowledgement of Sisal’s commitment to conveying our company values authentically and concretely and demonstrating how they have over time produced concrete, consistent and credible actions.”

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