Sisal Obtains the Winning Women Institute Certification for Gender Equality within the Company

Sisal has obtained the coveted certification of the Winning Women Institute for gender equality within the company with over 41% of female population and over 40% female new hires in the past year.

The Winning Women Institute, an organisation committed to the issue of gender equality, whose purpose is to spread the principle of equality between men and women within the world of work, has given its award to Sisal - the first company in the gaming sector - for the presence of women at all company levels and for its continued attention and willingness to develop equal opportunities both in terms of position and in terms of financial reward. At Sisal, the percentage of women promoted on an annual basis is 39%, with an overall percentage value of -11% in gender pay gap.

“The issues of diversity, equality and inclusion are at the heart of our strategies and I am really proud that Sisal has received the Winning Women Institute certification for gender equality” - commented Ruggero Dadamo, Chief People Officer of Sisal - “The path to this gender equality certification has allowed us to carry out an assessment of the factors contributing to the elimination of the gender pay gap. This will allow us to focus even more in detail on the priority actions to be implemented in order to achieve our ambitious goal: to reach a zero gender pay gap by 2030”.

“We are very glad to be able to work with Sisal on such an important issue as Gender Equality” - commented Enrico Gambardella, President of the Winning Women Institute - “Sisal has interpreted this path in the best possible way, not only by achieving the Certification through the measurement and analysis of the Key Performance Indicators of the Winning Women Institute model, but also by setting new goals and identifying the next steps for further improvement”.

The assessment model applied, Dynamic Model Gender Rating, is based on the achievement of quantitative and qualitative KPIs, following the audit of four levers: opportunities for growth within the company, remuneration equality and HR processes, gender diversity management policies and, lastly, parenting support policies.

Sisal’s commitment to gender equality is also embodied in its special attention to the issue of work-life balance and to welfare initiatives linked to tangible parenting support. The Winning Women Institute certification is actually the second prize that Sisal has been awarded in the past year in terms of gender equality, after being recognised as Caring company®, the Lifeed award for enterprises that wish to promote work-life synergies and view people diversity as a driving force for development and innovation.

At Sisal, the recognition and encouragement of women’s empowerment is also embodied in numerous activities that the Company carries out on innovation issues; in the latest edition of the GoBeyond project, i.e. the call for ideas proposed by Sisal, an acceleration path was announced as a new prize for the most deserving start-up with female leadership chosen from among the many enterprises, over 40% of the total, that participated in the call. Great value has also been demonstrated by the network of partners with whom the project has been growing in recent years; especially investment angels for women, namely, Angel4Woman, an association comprising Business Angels who wish to invest in women’s start-ups with high growth potential, and SheTech, an enterprise that aims to create an active community and offers real opportunities to support women in the tech and digital world.

Furthermore, in order to increase an inclusive corporate culture, Sisal has in recent months drawn up an internal DE&I Policy whose purpose is to enhance and support individuals, recognising the identity of gender, generation, culture and abilities, since the only way to create value is to build a welcoming, inclusive, fair, attentive and respectful work environment.

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