SISAL COMMITTED TO BUILDING A MORE RESPONSIBLE, INCLUSIVE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS FUTURE. Sisal’s 2021 Sustainability Report, focused on environmental, social and governance performance has been presented.

The Company’s commitment to its Responsible Gaming programme for the protection of gamblers has been strengthened.

Sisal’s commitment has also been acknowledged by the main international ESG rating agencies.

Sisal’s 2021 Sustainability Report was presented today, the annual report that defines the company’s commitment to building a more responsible future through a path that rests on a sustainability strategy with long-term objectives to affirm Sisal as a leader in Responsible Gaming, an innovative and sustainable company and an exemplary work environment.

“The year 2021 was an important year for Sisal and led us to redefining our purpose, our raison d’etre: to build a more responsible future” - said Francesco Durante, CEO of Sisal - “We have put ESG performance at the heart of our development strategy. Our constant commitment to sustainability issues was recently also acknowledged by the ESG ratings assigned by MSCI and Sustainalytics, two of the world leading ESG rating agencies, which have placed us among the best companies in our business sector internationally. An important achievement that constitutes a further stimulus to continue building an increasingly responsible, inclusive, environmentally conscious Sisal, with a great commitment to the protection of gamers in particular”.

Leadership in Responsible Gaming

Sisal has strengthened the development and implementation of the Responsible Gaming Programme both in Italy and internationally. Since 2009, on the occasion of the first edition of the Sustainability Report, Sisal has constantly invested to promote a sustainable business model based on the involvement of all company departments, on training of sales personnel, on information for gamers and on their awareness.

Sisal’s Responsible Gaming Strategy pursues the goal of achieving Zero Problem Gamers by 2030 through a programme based on: use of research tools to identify the most suitable protections for gamers; prevention of problem gaming phenomena, including through the use of Artificial Intelligence tools; support for problem gamers by identifying and providing psychological support; leadership in communication to foster a balanced and conscious gaming culture; continuous measurement of the results of the programme and of the various actions undertaken.

An Exemplary Work Environment

A company grows only if the value of its resources increases. This is the fundamental principle that guides Sisal’s people strategy and motivates its constant commitment to building a competent, aware and inclusive work environment, which offers each resource the possibility to continuously invest in their professional and personal growth. This attention is testified by a total number of over 33 thousand training hours provided (more than double compared to 2020), which involved nearly the entire company population.

The year 2021 was also the year in which the company, in line with its ambition to become a model company in Italy for gender equality, adopted a corporate policy linked to the issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, simultaneously establishing an Inclusion Team, a work team comprising ten Sisal managers from as many company departments. The Company’s commitment to achieving a Zero Gender Pay Gap by 2030 also continues in a concrete manner: in Italy, at the end of 2021 the gender pay gap stood at -10.9% (an improvement compared to -12.9% in 2020). The company population of the entire Sisal group numbered over 2,500 employees at 31 December 2021, of which 39% were women.

Innovative and Sustainable Company

In 2021, Sisal joined the United Nations Global Compact, a further step that concretely testifies to the company’s commitment to an ethically sustainable business to protect human rights, adequate labour standards, the environment and fight against corruption.

Numerous projects have also been launched to achieve the goal of Zero net CO2 emissions by 2030: since 2021, in fact, all Sisal offices in Italy have been supplied with electric power from renewable sources, with savings in terms of emissions quantifiable in 3,574 tons of CO2eq. The company servers have also been moved to green Data Centres to eliminate their environmental impact.

Moreover, during 2021, all company processes and activities were assessed to identify a roadmap of mitigation actions to help achieve the goals set by the Paris climate agreements.

Sisal’s commitment to further consolidating its environmental, social and governance performance was acknowledged by the Ecovadis “Silver” medal, which placed it in the top 11% most virtuous companies and, at the beginning of 2022, it was awarded the ESG rating by Sustainalytics (Low Risk) and MSCI (AA), achievements that have placed Sisal among the best companies in its business sector internationally.


Sisal is one of the main international operators in the regulated gaming sector and currently has operations in Italy, Morocco, Spain and Turkey, with a product range that includes lotteries, betting, online games and amusement machines. The Company operates internationally in the retail channel through a network of over 47,000 stores, and on the online channel with 1.8 million consumers.

Sisal’s strategy rests on three pillars: sustainability, with a constant commitment to developing its Responsible Gaming programme by providing a safe and transparent entertainment model - digital innovation, thanks to its state-of-the-art gaming platform oriented towards omnichannel and to its expertise in in-house software and application development to seize the opportunities of the digital transition - internationalisation, with the aim of winning tenders for new concessions abroad based on the solid experience gained.


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