Sisal SpA has won the tender held by Société de Gestion de la Loterie Nationale in Morocco.

Sisal SpA announces its nomination for the successful tender held by the Société de Gestion de la Loterie Nationale (SGLN) of Morocco.

The SGLN commission, tasked with evaluating the bids, found unanimously and without any reserves that Sisal’s bid satisfied all the selection criteria of the tender and was considered the best among other operators who also submitted bids, Intralot (the outgoing licence-holder) and Sorec.

The concession sets out “the establishment of outsourcing services relating to the provision, installation and maintenance of a new game development system on behalf of the National Lottery Management Company in Morocco.” Specifically, as of 1 June 2019, the successful bidder will manage and develop a portfolio including fixed-odds number games, pari-mutuel lottery games, scratch cards, online games, virtual races and MILs (Machine Interactive Lotteries).

The news about winning the tender in Morocco makes us happy and proud,” stated Emilio Petrone, CEO of Sisal Group, “rewarding yet again the Group’s strategy and our team’s work, which has always stood out for its innovation, technological skills and enhanced processes.


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