New Slot Case: Sisal submits an application to the Court of Auditors for the definition of judgment

Sisal, as a result of regulatory changes implemented by DL102/2013 , filed for definition of the appeal pending in front of the Court of Auditors (Corte dei Conti) proposing the payment of 25%, amounting to approximately 61 million euro, of the amount stated in the sentence of first instance. The definition of the procedure depends on the enactment of the DL, currently underway in Parliament and that could lead to a decrease at 20% (49 million euro) of the due amount and on the acceptance of the proposal by the Court. Since Sisal has always operated in full compliance with the principles of fairness and transparency and with the concession obligations, the company has appealed against the sentence of the Court of Auditors that in February 2012, condemned all ten concessionaires to pay compensation for alleged damages for a total value of 2.5 billion euro. It has to be underlined that the submission of the application does not involve in any way an admission of guilt, which was already ruled out, with reference to the penalties prescribed by the concession agreement, by the Administrative Courts, but has the sole purpose of sorting out a dispute of considerable economic value, allowing to close a situation of prolonged uncertainty.

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