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(formerly Sisal Group S.p.A., the “Issuer”)

€275,000,000 of the Issuer’s €400,000,000 7.00% Senior Secured Fixed Rate Notes due 2023
(the “Notes”)

Reg S: ISIN: XS1454980159 / Common Code: 145498015
144A: ISIN: XS1454980662 / Common Code: 145498066


Dear all,

Reference is made to (i) €275,000,000 of the Issuer’s €400,000,000 7.00% Senior Secured Fixed Rate Notes due 2023 originally issued on July 28, 2016 by Schumann S.p.A. (now merged by way of incorporation into the Issuer) (the “Notes”) and (ii) the notice of conditional redemption delivered by the Issuer on July 26, 2022 in connection with the Notes (the “Notice”).
Pursuant to the Notice the Issuer has elected to redeem the Notes on August 5, 2022 (“Redemption Date”). The redemption price of the Notes called for redemption is 100.000% of the outstanding principal amount of the Notes called for redemption plus accrued and unpaid interest from (and including) July 31, 2022 (the last date upon which interest on the Notes called for redemption was paid) to (but not including) the Redemption Date in the aggregate amount of (assuming satisfaction or waiver of the Redemption Condition on or prior to August 5, 2022) €275,267,361.11, which comprises (i) the 100.000% of outstanding principal of €275,000,000 and (ii) accrued but unpaid interest equal to €267,361.11.
We hereby confirm that the redemption condition referred to under the Notice has been satisfied, following which the Notes will be redeemed on August 5, 2022.

Any questions regarding this Notice of Confirmation of Redemption Condition should be directed to the Issuer at:

Sisal S.p.A.
Via Ugo Bassi 6
20159 Milan
Contact: Roberto Di Fonzo and Alessandro Croce

Issued by: Sisal S.p.A.
Dated: August 4, 2022

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