Reference Regulations

Quota system

Decree no. 2011/30011/giochi/UD, 27 July 2011.
Sets out the quantitative parameters applied to the installation of machines in individual establishments pursuant to article 110, subsection 6, TULPS.
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List of gaming machine operators

Decree no. 2011/11181/Giochi/ADI, 9 September 2011.
On 1 January 2011, the sole national register of AWP and VLT-related service operators was established. Registration is required to operate in the sector.
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AWP Provisions

Technical rules for the production and technical verification of gaming machines pursuant to article 100, subsection 6, T.U.L.P.S.
Directorial Decree, 4 December 2003.
Defines all the technical characteristics and methods of operation of AWP machines, in addition to data access communication protocol functions, also for the purposes of subsequent network connection. Specimen machine models must be submitted for technical verification pursuant to article 38, subsection 3, law no. 388, 23 December 2000, as amended, to permit their production or import.
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VLT provisions

Regulation of the technical requirements and operation of VLT gaming systems, pursuant to article 110, subsection 6, letter b), T.U.L.P.S.
Directorial Decree, 22 January 2010.
Defines the minimum requirements, technical characteristics and method of operation of gaming systems, of the gaming system online connection network and the online connection network between gaming system and control system.
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