Payment Services
The strategy of diversifying into the payment services industry began in 2003 with mobile phone top-ups, which were joined in 2008 by several types of payment and prepaid credit card top-ups.

Sisal Group’s business initiatives have gradually encouraged consumers to change their habits. According to a recent study conducted by market research firm IPSOS, the ability to make payments in Sisal retail points, tobacconists and cafes has improved the management of daily chores even for the most traditional users, who are accustomed to making payments only in traditional channels.

“Make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable” is the corporate vision and from this perspective Payment Institute operations have become increasingly strategic for the company, accounting for half the turnover reported by the entire Group today, driven in part by major investments. In the last three-year period alone, we have invested over €10m to modernise the technology used by the network, introducing several thousand new payment acceptance and top-up terminals, as well as latest generation cashless POS terminals, now present in all the 40,000 points of sale in the Sisal network, which have demonstrated they are an excellent way to help drive the diffusion of e-money.


A dedicated brand

In 2012, Sisal Group introduced payment services brand SisalPay, which today is a distinctive and recognisable mark identifying the offering of services available across the retail network (payments, top-ups and payment cards).


In a gradual process involving a steady increase in investments and business initiatives, SisalPay has worked to build a solid relationship with consumers, the community, partners and the institutions. This is the reason for the numerous initiatives organised and events of great interest to the public like the Vasco Live Kom Tour and Milan Design Week. They are joined by community restitution initiatives, including the sponsorship of art exhibitions and support for talented young people, through financing for study grants and the participation in contests that reward innovation and the development of new ideas. Multiple events have also been organised by SisalPay to encourage debate about and the building of new development opportunities for businesses and institutions.


Sisal’s commitment to the PA

Sisal Group has chosen to work alongside the Public Administration, as technology innovation partner, to contribute to change and to support the digital evolution of Italy by offering the community our experience with payment services that are simple to use.

Since December 2016, based on the agreement signed by Sisal Group with Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale (Agency for Digital Italy), most payments to the PA can now be performed at SisalPay Points displaying the pagoPA logo, using the technology platform that connects the Public Administration with Payment Service Providers (the so-called Nodo dei Pagamenti or Payments Hub).

In this way, by offering the availability of its broad-based network, Sisal Group makes its own personal contribution to closing the gap between the public and the Public Administration.


Cashless Approach

The development of traceable, secure electronic payments brings multiple benefits, from reducing the cost of cash (about €10bn in Italy today) to the emergence of the black economy. More generally speaking, the diffusion of e-money represents a stimulus for innovation and the modernisation of Italy.

Our group is a firm believer in  the Cashless Society and promotes its development with ongoing investments in people, expertise and technology. All our participating retailers are equipped with latest generation POS terminals and ours is one of the biggest e-money acceptance networks in Italy.

Open Innovation

Today’s payment services sector, where we operate under the SisalPay brand alongside our traditional gaming business, is going through a period of radical legislative change and great technological ferment.

Bill: the new payment tool

"Bill" by SisalPay is the new payment App that contributes to the company’s ongoing digital evolution process, supporting the growing need for a smart and secure way to make payments.

Bill is a new App to make payments directly from your smartphone, without cash or credit card.