The importance of relations

Sisal is a company born of the determination shown by three journalists to re-establish a common purpose and strengthen a country destroyed by the war. Against this backdrop, it was decided to leverage business relations for mutual enrichment, support and growth.

Today, Sisal still regards its relationship with all stakeholders as one of the cornerstones of everything it stands for, and each year the company embarks on a process of listening and talking to all stakeholders to define the main strategies, goals and initiatives to invest in to generate value for everyone. Sisal’s values and its relationships with all the main stakeholders are defined in the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Stakeholder commitments 


Gaming Area

Promote and enforce the Responsible Gaming Programme, also working in synergy with the Public Regulator, in compliance with the highest international standards and the certifications obtained to guarantee transparency and security for vulnerable consumers. 


Spread a collaborative corporate culture based on Sisal’s Values and on a good work-life balance, promote the value of the contributions made by women in the company, encourage corporate diversity, establish training paths at every level and introduce talent development programmes.



Create opportunities for training, socialising and integration, with a special focus on sport, education, talent, art & culture, and support for scientific research, by entering into partnerships with qualified associations in the world of culture and scientific research.  

Distribution network 

Establish a partnership based on excellence and integrity for: better point of sale promotion of the Responsible Gaming Programme; the innovation of technology infrastructure; constant updates and training across the Sisal Network; the monitoring of the Sales Force; and support for retailers in efficient point of sale management.

Regulatory authority and institutions

Ongoing collaboration with the Italian Ministry of the Economy and Finance, the Customs and Monopolies Agency, Public Institutions, Local Authorities and Trade Associations to ensure the protection of players and uphold the values of security, lawfulness and transparency in the gaming industry (fighting illegal gaming and the total prohibition of gaming for children).


Provide guarantees both of a Corporate Governance structure based on the values of integrity, transparency and responsibility, as well as of open dialogue, based on equal disclosure treatment for all categories of shareholders.

Banks and the financial community

Maintain an ongoing relationship with banks and the financial community, in such a way as to ensure long term financial stability.

Business partners 

Establish relations and partnerships addressed to innovation and value creation, to the promotion of the principles of integrity, trust and respect, and to monitoring and assessing the quality of supplies, services and performance.

Trade associations

Through the active involvement of sector operators at national and international level, consolidate an approach based on the principles of sustainability, lawfulness, safety and security, transparency and professional ethics. Renew international Responsible Gaming certifications annually. 

Engaging with people

We provide incentives for training programmes and individual career paths, promoting the work/life balance and protecting diversity.

Talking with the institutions

We partner with institutions, administrations and associations to ensure safety, security, legality and transparency in the gaming and payment services industry.

Partnering with suppliers

We select the best partners based on criteria of transparency and quality, to ensure our customer services are increasingly comprehensive and secure.

Talking with the retail network

We engage the retail network on an ongoing basis in the development of programmes that are ever more attentive to our customers’ needs and expectations.

Community support

In 2009, Sisal’s commitment to Social Sustainability produced a long-term Community plan in which a fundamental role is played by planning and the realisation of projects on a joint basis with qualified partners.

The Responsible Gaming Programme

The programme has been introduced with the aim of building a shared model of secure and reliable gaming that revolves around the prevention of problem gaming.

Play safe

The fight against illegal gaming represents a fundamental commitment in Sisal’s sustainability strategy.