Regulations and legislation: Governament Licence and ADM regulations

Regulations and legislation: Governament Licence and ADM regulations

Player security and protection are guaranteed in the first instance by government regulations, which Sisal complies with as alicenced provider of safe, legal games with cash prizes.

In Italy, the organisation and operation of games with cash prizes open to the public are the exclusive purview of the State (pursuant to Legislative Decree 496/1948). Licensed gaming market players may operate exclusively under a single-concession agreement, as in the case of NTNG games or fixed-odds gaming, or under a multi-concession agreement, as in the case of AWP machines, betting, bingo and remote gaming.

In 2002, the Italian state assigned responsibility for the regulation and control of the entire Gaming and Tobacco segment to the Customs and Monopolies Agency. One of the Agency’s main objectives is to ensure tax revenue, while protecting Customers and fighting crime. The Agency’s other responsibilities include the definition of guidelines for sector development (by issuing regulatory orders), constant monitoring of the good operation of gaming concession companies, and taking action in the form of sanctions if the obligations set out in concession agreements are not fulfilled.

With respect to digital issues in relation to the control and auditing of gaming revenue data, the Agency avails itself of the experience of Società Generale di informatica (Sogei S.p.A.)the technology partner of the Italian Ministry of the Economy and Finance, which uses its control systems to verify that Concession Companies fulfill their obligations and constitutes a guarantee of transparency and legitimacy for end users. Based on current legislation, which requires that every bet be first registered with control systems before users are allowed to play, Sogei has implemented automatic transaction systems which are permanently connected to Operators’ platforms, making it possible to manage the Italian public gaming segment and the tax revenue that this production sector helps generate.

Additional player protections
Being a licenced operator also means accepting responsibilities and discharging them on a daily basis through commitment and practical action to protect players.

Sisal is committed to proving protection and support by means of:


Fighting fraud

The match-fixing, or the combined match phenomenon, is one of the most important areas for Sisal in the fight against illegal gaming.

The Anti Money-Laundering Function

In 2013, Sisal formalised the company’s anti money-laundering function by creating a dedicated role in the organisation.

Platform security

In order to ensure that the gaming environment is safe and secure, Sisal continues to develop tools to fight any fraudulent use of personal and credit card information.